Crisis Communication - How not to handle an interview


How not to handle crisis communications

We hope you like this clip by Australian comedians John Clarke and Bryan Dawe which provides a humourous example of how not to handle the media.

Originally recorded over 10 years ago following a tanker incident this short video will hopefully make you laugh and more importantly, think!


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A mixed report card for European BCM planning - Marsh 2010 EMEA research

Business Continuity Forum research news

Marsh publish new 2010 research on European wide BCM attitudes and opinion.


Two years ago Marsh published its first in-house survey into Business Continuity attitudes, this year's update gives us considerable food for thought in how the industry is developing and where priorities should lie. 


Encouragingly many of the underlying attitudes to business continuity appear to be positive, although there is clear evidence of different countries and industries progressing at markedly different rates. In the most established markets BCM has clearly become a core topic generally aligning well with the goals and objectives of the organisation. Integration across the business has also been seen to improve.

Independent Research Firm Names IBM as a Leader in Disaster Recovery Services

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IBM Receives Highest Scores in "Strategy" and "Current Offering" by independent research firm

ARMONK, N.Y., - 10 Jun 2010: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that it was ranked as a leader in "The Forrester Wave ™: Disaster Recovery Service Providers, Q2 2010" report published in June 2010, receiving the highest scores among all vendors in the categories of "strategy" and "current offering."  

The Forrester Wave ™: Disaster Recovery Service Providers report included six service providers in the assessment. Forrester thoroughly evaluated these vendors across 64 criteria, broken down into three main areas: current offering, strategy, and market presence.  

Vodafone retains BS25999 status ... and highlights the value

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Vodafone UK has recently been undergoing a thorough audit by the BSI as part of the retention process for its BS25999 certification for Business Continuity Management. The successful outcome demonstrates the capability of the Vodafone approach and in achieving recertification demonstrates to customers the added resilience of the services provided by Vodafone.


This is a point not lost on Vodafone's management. In their press statement they make reference to the clear responsibility they have as a telecommunications company to other organisations and particularly their  BCM plans. Peter Kelly, Enterprise Director Vodafone UK says “We know that mobile communications are an essential service for all businesses – retaining BS 25999 certification demonstrates that we continue to deliver the most reliable and highest quality network for our customers, no matter what.”

E.ON UK achieves certification to BS25999

Business Continuity Forum

E.ON, the world’s largest investor-owned utility, recently celebrated the achievement of BS25999-2:2007 certification across all its UK business services locations. This follows nearly two years of preparation led by business continuity manager, Jag Gogna. This decision was preceded by a review in 2007 of business continuity and crisis management of over 50 locations and around 16,000 staff.

The challenge from the outset, he explains, was to secure support and buy-in from senior strategic and operational mangers from across all aspects of the company. Cultivating the required relationships and instilling the required confidence among staff is vital to a cooperative culture.



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The Financial Reporting Council has released its updated corporate governance code which builds and clarifies the responsibility on Listed companies.


The new code applies from 29 June 2010 and applies to those with a Premium Listing regardless of whether they are incorporated in the UK or elsewhere.

Resilience Planning underway for Londons Olympics

London has long and extensive experience of hosting large events, from the Millennium Celebrations through to the Notting Hill Carnival, and an advanced suite of regional plans to deal with emergencies of any type
Despite this, the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will require a step change because of the city-wide impacts as well and the Games' complexity and duration.
London Olympics Resilience'Games time' will necessitate operating for 64 days along with half a million extra spectators, over two hundred heads of state and thousands of members of the Olympic family in attendance; the numbers are vast and the scale of the challenge is clear.



For the past few years one of the key underlying drivers helping to develop Business Continuity has been the Public Sector. The introduction of the Civil Contingencies Act five years ago included clear responsibilities on many different types of government agencies as well as what can be termed as private sector utilities. In addition to the business continuity requirements on these organisations, there was a further "duty" to promote business continuity more broadly within the business community.

SME's still lack Back up protection


Most small and medium-size businesses are still failing to protect their firms vital data. This is the finding of a survey undertaken by Vanson Bourne and commissioned by Acronis.

New Security and Counter Terrorism programme announced

Government enhances Counter Terrorism measures - CONTEST 2

The government has set out its enhanced strategy to combat the threat of Terrorism; known as CONTEST the policy shows the context and threat as well as the process adopted to counter the threat.

The briefing illustrates how terrorism has evolved in the UK and explains what led to the emergence of the threat we face today. It also examines how the threat may evolve over the next few years. The strategy sets out the principles that form the basis of the government’s response to terrorism.

Data Centres get CPNI Guidance to boost resilience and security

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It is rare these days to find any organisation which does not rely in some way on computer data. From the very largest corporate through to the very smallest business the need to maintain access to information is absolutely vital. This seems pretty straightforward and it could be said almost simplistic, obvious even. Maybe so, but what about the data that has been removed from your direct control, that exists on the huge banks of servers and hard disks that are located across commercial data centres both in the UK and internationally.

Crisis communications - Ten factors that protect your organisation

Business Continuity Forum crisis management

Over the past six months there have been a number of headline stories that have affected some of the most trusted names in business.


BP is currently battling an oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, for which their Chief Executive immediately accepted all blame and responsibility (even though BP themselves were not directly responsible) and promised to cover all the costs associated with the cleanup.


Toyota has been struggling with the difficulties surrounding recalls to a number of models due to defects reported extensively in the media, and now Johnson & Johnson is facing potential damage to its reputation following the findings of the US Food and Drug Administration. The report from the FDA this week states inspectors found thick dust and grime and contaminated ingredients at the Johnson & Johnson plant that produces children's Tylenol and dozens of other products which J&J recalled last week.


Back in 1943 Johnson & Johnson's chairman, John Wood Johnson who served for more than 30 years wrote their company credo, the forerunner of a modern Mission statement. He wrote that the company's first responsibility is "to the doctors, nurses, patients and parents who use its products and ensuring that consequently everything the company does must be of high quality"


Countering terrorism through design ... RIBA launch new guidelines

The bombing of London’s transport infrastructure on 7 July 2005 and the failed Underground bombings two weeks later, along with the abortive car bomb attacks targeting a central London nightclub and Glasgow Airport in June 2007, highlighted the importance of ensuring the critical parts of the UK’s national infrastructure are protected against terrorism.
Lord West of Spithead was commissioned by the government to review the UK’s preparedness for future terrorist attacks. His findings identified that a new effort to ‘design in’ counter- terrorism protective security was needed. In response, the Home Office and the Office for Communities and Local Government published new guidance on designing for counter-terrorism in the built environment.

CPNI & BSI launch new PAS standard for Food & Drink Industry

This Publicly Available Specification (PAS) was developed by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) in collaboration with The British Standards Institution (BSI) in 2008. The original edition made use of preventative strategies within the World Health Organisation guidance on the Terrorist Threat to Food [1] which was revised in May 2008.

This new 2010 edition of PAS 96 has been reviewed by relevant stakeholders and amendments made to ensure its continued relevance and accuracy.

12 months on... Thoughts on a pandemic

As I write this, it is exactly one year since the first reported case of H1N1 (swine flu) arising from last year’s pandemic. It seems natural therefore to take a moment and consider what happened, how we responded, what was learned and perhaps even suggest a way forward.
The Continuity Forum has been actively researching and assessing the potential for major disruption from a pandemic type event for many years; our interest started on reviewing what happened around the SARS outbreak which impacted in the Far East and Canada. 

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