BSI BS25777 for ICT Continuity

BSI British Standard  BS 25777 for Information and Communications Technology continuity management.

Following on from the development of BS25999 BSI has announced a complimentary standard aimed at detailing good practice at the ICT level, BS25777 for ICT Continuity.

ICT continuity management, a key part of the overall business continuity management (BCM) process of an organization, ensures that ICT services are resilient and in the event of disaster, can be recovered within timescales agreed with senior management.

Department of Health boosts resilience through BS25999

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NHS resilience project embraces standard

The Department of Health and BSI British Standards today announce a new initiative designed to increase resilience to major incidents and disruption across the National Health Service.
This will begin with the implementation of BS 25999 Parts 1 and 2, BSI British Standards’ code of practice and specification on Business Continuity Management. The NHS has a good record of responding well to ‘big-bang’ major incidents, which produce sudden influxes of casualties.

National report highlights Flu pandemic as top risk

The National Risk Register shows Pandemic Influenza as the most serious threat to national security

The National Risk Register aims to clarify the level of risks and their potential impact on the UK. Local Risk Registers have been produced for some time, but this is the first time that a national version has been made public.

US Business Continuity Standard work commences

American Standard Body to produce US Standard for Business Continuity

ASIS  based in Virginia has now started the work to develop its American National Standards Institute (ANSI) project to produce a Business Continuity Management (BCM) standard, for approval by ANSI.

DeBoer Structures - Gold Partner

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Special Circumstances Demand Special Solutions

Adequate and readily available accommodation is a primary requirement and concern. Fires, floods, storms, hurricanes and other disasters leave people and businesses without a roof over their heads. War and unstable governments cause whole communities to flee.

All over the world, people are migrating. But those who are sent out to maintain the peace, or provide disaster relief also need accommodation. Epidemics could necessitate setting up an emergency hospital or medical post.

These are housing situations for which De Boer offers a solution in the form of high-endurance, secure temporary accommodation. Located all over the world, these shelters serve as reception centres for refugees and displaced persons, as medical posts, offices, schools or even as extra prison space. They are also used as army barracks: during the Gulf War De Boer tents served as temporary accommodation.

Enhancement Programme to the Civil Contingencies Act announced

While the CCA regime provided a robust and effective mechanism for responding to all of the disruptive challenges that have occurred since 2005 (e.g. floods, Bluetongue disease, foot and mouth, and the Buncefield fire), these events and the subsequent reviews (particularly the Pitt and Newton Reviews) provided much new evidence which indicated that there are various aspects of the CCA regime which would merit a more thorough review.

Urgent and fundamental changes needed for UK flood planning PITT Review

Business Continuity Management 

Pitt Review places BCM at the heart of National prevention and management Strategy

Sir Michael Pitt, who has led the independent review commissioned by the government following widespread flooding last year, has made more than 90 recommendations in his final report published today (25/06/08).

Throughout the final report, Business Continuity Management is cited as a primary means of establishing a far higher capability. The submission made by the Continuity Forum has been reflected in key recommendations made by Sir Michael with all of the measures and proposals by the Continuity Forum being recommended to government by the review team.

100's of critical sites vulnerable to flooding

Serious concerns over the flooding risk of hundreds of critical sites

Hundreds of UK power substations and water treatment plants are potentially at risk from flooding, a confidential government study suggests. The BBC has reported that it has seen the conclusions of research commissioned after the devastating floods of 2007.

ADVANCE NOTICE - Special Risks Summit - 26th September


The Continuity Forum announces Special Risks summit in association with the Cabinet Office

The Continuity Forum in association with the Cabinet Office will be hosting a Special Risks Summit on 26th September 2008. This special event will discuss the implications of the Pitt review and examine the developing role of BCM in enabling better resilience to flooding. The summit will also prominently feature the latest information on Pandemic and detail both best practice advice and our latest research into the preparedness of organisations.

This prestigious event builds on the recommendations of the Pitt review and leading Health figures we will be sharing information on the vital role of BCM in establishing better Organisational and Community Resilience across the UK. This all day event will be held in London and will be open to both members and non-Members. Places will be at a premium and early registration or expressions of interest are urged.

For more information on the Summit please contact Sara McKenna on 020 8993 1599 or by mail at End

Environment Secretary promises 'action plan'

Government Minister responds to Pitt Review

Environment Secretary Hilary Benn has pledged to introduce a "prioritised action plan" to improve flood protection which will be published in the autumn. Mr Benn was commenting on the official review by Sir Michael Pitt into last summer's devastating floods.

Minister promises action on Flooding

Minister responds to Pitt Review

Environment Secretary Hilary Benn has pledged to introduce a "prioritised action plan" to improve flood protection which will be published in the autumn. 

Mr Benn was commenting on the official review by Sir Michael Pitt into last summer's devastating floods. Mr Benn said £5m would be spent on surface water management, £1m on making reservoirs safer and £250,000 on a nationwide flood response exercise.

New volunteer system to support local response against threats

Government plans for new volunteer Army

21/03/2008 Gordon Brown wants tens of thousands of Britons to join a new volunteer force to help the Government respond and help tackle boost resources in handling threats to our communities from flooding right through to terrorism. 

The Prime Minister also said ministers will also publish an annual risk register of the top threats facing Britain, from the Al Qaeda terror threat to flooding and cyber crime. The new force, called a new Civil Protection Network, will be based on the local Neighbourhood Watch schemes and will link into Local Authority Planning The Prime Minister said he wanted to see “improved resilience against emergencies" from floods to terrorist attacks. This would take “not the old Cold War idea of civil defence but a new form of civil protection". 

Serious Crime Chief warns of Cyber crime threat

SOCA e-crime chief wants closer realtionship with business to combat cyber threat

Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) Head of e-crime, Sharon Lemon, is warning that cyber crime is so widespread it features in nearly every criminal investigation.

The Continuity Forum and City Police just a week ago broadcast the same warnings at the IT security threat briefing held in conjunction with IBM.

Lemon said that computer technology was extensively used by criminals and it was vital that each of the UK's police forces had the ability to tackle it. She said: "It needs more awareness and in the year 2008 e-crime is not a specialist crime anymore, it is something that is spreading out to take in all of organised crime. "These people find each other over the internet, they use encryption to protect their data. It is about making sure that everybody in law enforcement understands that e-crime is part of their daily business."

IT Risk

Business Continuity Breakfast Seminar SERIES

EVENT CLOSED Business Continuity - IT, Business Security and Resilience 13th March 2008 - South Bank, SE1 The Continuity Forum in association with IBM are hosting a Business Continuity breakfast seminar on Thursday 13th March.

Event overview

Never has the importance and profile of IT security ever been higher, it seems that daily new reports of stolen or “lost" feature in news headlines. Securing corporate systems, protecting customers data and ensuring that the Intellectual Capital of organisations effectively controlled and managed is now the top priority for 2008 of IT and Business Continuity Professionals. Through this Continuity Forum event with the support of IBM and in association with our colleagues in the City of London Police we offer the latest advice on how to assess and address the risks posed, manage the consequences to the organisation and harden the security of your vital IT infrastructure. This special event forms part of our Security in the City programme of public events and is free to attend.

Our speakers will look at the lessons learned over the years and share experiences of real events and their impact. We will be covering how organisations must adapt to the developing framework of Security and risk and how real value can be gained though integration with organisation wide Business Continuity Management and we'll be illustrating how to establish good Continuity and Risk Management within your organisation that meets both operational and commercial needs.

Breakfast Briefing information: Agenda:

Welcome & Introduction

The Importance of securing the IT - infrastructure Leading figure from the City of London Police

IT Security for the SMB Market - IBM Internet Security - Internet Security Systems - These sessions will highlight the options and illustrate how the organisation can secure the infrastructure. - 

Business Continuity & Security - The Continuity Forum

Q&A Session (moderated) followed by Networking & Close

FINISH at approximately 11:30

Timing & Location

Attendees should aim to arrive from 08:15 on Thursday 13th March for breakfast which will be served at 08:30. The briefing will commence at 09:00 promptly with the event finishing at around 11:30hrs.

We are very grateful to IBM for permitting us the use of their South Bank facilities for this event. The closest station to IBM South Bank is Waterloo which is only a few minutes walk from the venue. For further information or to register your booking for the day of the event please contact:

Sara McKenna HERE! or call us on 0208 993 1599

Please do contact us ASAP to book your place as places will fill up quickly.

If you would like to know more about how your organisation can get involved and benefit from working with the Continuity Forum, please call on + 44 (0) 208 993 1599.

Risky business: BCM 2008 report exposes vulnerability of organisations across the UK

UK plc failing to protect their people, property and data

The threat of disaster continues to hang over organisations across the UK, as many fail to provide adequate protection for their key assets. The latest annual report published by the CMI and supported by the Cabinet Office and the Continuity Forum reveals that organisations recognise a need to guard against disruption and face increasing pressure to do so.

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