Support for Journalists and News Media organisations

The Continuity Forum has extensive experience in supporting the needs of all forms of News and Media Organisations.

As an impartial and independent NGO we are able to offer unbiased information, opinion and support for most issues surrounding Business Continuity, Risk Management and Security. 

News Sat

Television and Electronic News Gathering  

Radio and Internet Broadcasting


Newspaper, Magazine and Specialist Print Media


The Continuity Forum can provide you with quick and easy access to a range of expertise and directly and quickly support your work though interview, research and insight appropriate to the topic (or incident) you are working on.  We can also further assist by fast tracking connections to a wide range of industry and public sector figures with an interest and importantly expert knowledge in all areas of our activity.

Our personnel are experienced and familiar with all forms of media, their specific needs and we are regularly contributing to both national and international organisations covering  Television, Radio, Newspapers and Periodicals as well as specialist press. We also provide assistance to freelance journalists and producers. 

We are based in London and we can react quickly helping you with the expert support often needed as news stories develop.  The Continuity Forum also has an extensive network of expert partners and experts that can advise or contribute to your reports, articles or coverage. 

For more information or to contact us please call on +44 208 993 1599 or email us here!.

Please us email for out of hours requests, we will get back to you as soon as possible.