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The Business Continuity Forum provides independent advice, information and support to the private and public sectors for all the issues and challenges of Risk Management and Business Continuity covering Disaster Recovery, Crisis Management, Emergency Planning and Cyber Security with the aim of improving your Organisational Resilience. We provide practical information, assistance and guidance to organisations and professionals needing to create effective Business Continuity, Risk and Security Management.
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The Continuity Forum is committed to building the levels of Business Continuity Management and the Resilience Planning of organisations internationally, regardless of size or sector, through information, education and the promotion of best practice Business Continuity and Organizational Resilience Management and the related disciplines of Security, Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery.

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For more than a 15 years, the Continuity Forum has been dedicated to the growth, development and promotion of the Sector and all its related disciplines. We have been a vital part in the evolution of the sector, and are at the forefront of Developments across standards and regulation are leading the engagement with professional and government bodies.
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