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To reach the right people you have to use the right partner
The Continuity Forum is the best partner to reach decision makers!
With depth and varied content, the Continuity Forum delivers insight to the Business Continuity, Risk, Security and DR sectors. Your marketing programme needs to deliver real value to make your budget work and for this quality and targeting is vital.
That’s what the Continuity Forum provides directly to active organisations, delivering your message with a variety of tools and diverse approaches.
  • Website advertising
  • White Papers
  • Company Profiles
  • Event based advertising and support
  • Podcasts *NEW*
  • Partnership Programmes
Our flexibility, Multi-channel approach and quality reach make us the ideal partner for your organisation to reach the Business Continuity sector and its related fields.
But lets face it choosing how you spend your budget is difficult at the best of times, but in the current economic climate making sure this investment gives the best return possible is even more important.
The challenge faced is not an easy one and the options can often be be daunting, limiting and expensive, all at the same time. 
We are pleased to tell you, the job of accessing the Business Continuity sector just got a lot easier with a brand new service option from the Continuity Forum.
Our Website has undergone some serious development in recent months as you will have probably noticed, but these are far more than just a stylistic change. Under the skin of the site we have been working hard to develop a whole new way to communicate with users and help our partners deliver their message with unrivalled capability and flexibility.
The testing is done, it works brilliantly and now we are pleased to announce the new service for partners that we call Continuity 2.0.
This is far more than just simple advertising, we are providing a customised, persuasive, qualitative engagement with your potential customers and partners and it can all be controlled by you! 
For more information on Continuity 2.0 please contact Sara McKenna directly by email or call us on +44 (0) 208 993 1599
Benefits of Advertising with the Continuity Forum:
  • Reach Decision Makers with sustainable, affordable, high value advertising
  • Regular emails newsletters that reach your target market.
  • Personal Advertising Manager
  • Campaign Management
  • Content Development and White Paper support
  • Link your advertising to our extensive research on key sector and market issues
Get durable advertising through one of our special packages ensuring your placement on all themed pages. In the BCM sector QUALITY is vital, and our services reflect the needs of advertisers to properly and cost effectively direct their message to the right people. One feature of our approach is balance; as an NGO we are careful not to ‘swamp’ visitors with commercial messages, losing yours in the background of a 'busy' page.
Stand out from the Crowd with the Continuity Forum.
Great launch deals will be available for our new advertising service, but you can save even more by joining the Continuity Forum, or selecting one of our great packages.
Our packages make your budget go much further and deliver much more with levels to suit all types of business and tailored to meet your campaigns needs.
Entry level packages are available from 3 months upwards that quickly amplify your profile, showcase your products and services and delive great value. For those looking for the very best return we also offer an annual contact.
Continuity Forum Partners now also receive inclusive advertising extending the value we offer still further.
To find out more about how we can help you connect with the market mail us HERE! or call us on +44 208 993 1599