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European Headquarters 
ABS Consulting - an ABS Group Company
EQE House, The Beacons
Warrington Road
Birchwood, Cheshire
ABS Consulting is a global safety, risk and integrity management company with experience completing challenging projects in all parts of the world for nearly half a century.
Operating in 39 countries their heritage in risk and safety management providing customers with current, reliable and practical advice and assistance. ABS
delivers effective solutions that establish, manage and monitor real Risk, Business Continuity and Safety performance.

Moving to the Cloud video - An introductory video from IBM Center for the Business of Government

In this video Dr. Wyld examines the entry of the cloud computing phenomena into the government. He avoids the technical language and focuses on the business and societal impacts of cloud computing. He examines how this concept has changed the expectations of both the public and of government executives and managers.

A video overview from the IBM Center for The Business of Government introducing Analytics and Risk Management

This video from IBM Center for the Business of Government outlines 4 reports available looking at Analytics and Risk Management and how it can be used.

More information and the reports can be downloaded from the IBM Center for The Business of Government.  

US Rail Company talking on the benefits of IBM Business Resilience (video)

This video features interviews with an Client who has developed robust business rooted resilience that delivers commercial benefits and savings. 

The Company talks about how they have benefited from Risk Management and operational improvements to their services as well as better portability and access to data using a variety of resilience and virtualisation techniques 

SunGard Acquires Hosting 365

London, UK: 12th March 2010

SunGard has acquired 365 Hosting Limited, a Dublin, Ireland-based cloud computing and data centre services company which trades as ‘Hosting 365’. The acquisition, the terms of which were not disclosed, is not expected to have a material impact on SunGard’s results.

Privately-owned Hosting 365 has built a strong presence in Ireland delivering both data centre managed IT services and, more recently, on-demand computing services within its cloud computing environment.

DeBoer Structures - Gold Partner

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Special Circumstances Demand Special Solutions

Adequate and readily available accommodation is a primary requirement and concern. Fires, floods, storms, hurricanes and other disasters leave people and businesses without a roof over their heads. War and unstable governments cause whole communities to flee.

All over the world, people are migrating. But those who are sent out to maintain the peace, or provide disaster relief also need accommodation. Epidemics could necessitate setting up an emergency hospital or medical post.

These are housing situations for which De Boer offers a solution in the form of high-endurance, secure temporary accommodation. Located all over the world, these shelters serve as reception centres for refugees and displaced persons, as medical posts, offices, schools or even as extra prison space. They are also used as army barracks: during the Gulf War De Boer tents served as temporary accommodation.

IBM launches Resilience Program Assessment service

Conitinuity Forum partner
Maintaining business continuity was once viewed in the context of maintaining disaster recovery plans. Today, however, you must address the entire range and level of your company's exposures, including IT disruptions, sudden competitive moves, customer and consumer demands, security threats, market fluctuations and failure to comply with numerous government and industry regulations.

HP looks to broaden its approach to business continuity

HP's business continuity and availability services will be bringing together a set of customisable solutions consisting of people, processes and technologies that are designed to help customers solve business continuity, availability, compliance and operational risk challenges.

New centres boost ICM growth

7th March 2005

ICM Computer Group, has posted it’s latest 6 months interim figures and they continue to impress showing strong growth across the business with the IT and Business Continuity Services group and delivering overall a 17% increase in profitability.

Synstar to opens new Thames Valley business recovery centre

Hewlett-Packard, through Synstar, its UK-based business continuity company, is launching a new recovery centre on 25th May, 2005. This new business continuity centre is situated in Reading to serve the Thames Valley area.

The facility will offer in excess of 100 seats and boasts office, IT, telephone and communications facilities, as well as a data centre of over 10,000 sq ft.

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