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Crises Control is an award-winning incident management platform radically different from its competitors

Crises Control is a cloud-based emergency mass notification application combined with a functional business disruption incident management platform.

It was launched in 2014, after a significant period of development, by IT managed service provider and app developer Transputec that built the platform to initially serve its own clients.

Crises Control now offers an award winning  emergency mass notification system that has a number of unique features of direct relevance to the SME market, which has so far proved largely resistant to BCM software on the grounds of resources and costs.


  • Incident action plan creation, administration and hosting tools
  • Multi-channel emergency notification platform
  • Track and trace with one-touch SOS button
  • Incident task manager module and incident timeline
  • Audit logs and performance reports for post-incident review

Uniques features of Crises Control award winning mass notification system

Our USPs

  • Platform built from the user upwards, with an intuitive native mobile app
  • Ease of deployment, with a quick start, self-implementation option
  • Templates and incident library to help organisations without a BC plan
  • Simple pricing, monthly subscription option, low total cost of ownership

Our Customers

We now have a growing number of early-adopting customers on board. These are enterprises who all have a culture of seeking out the best-in-field solutions to their business problems and as result gaining an advantage over their competitors who are not so forward thinking.

The feedback we are getting from these new customers tells us that they are happy with the choice they have made. After all, we were awarded the prestigious industry title of Most Innovative Product in the Business Continuity Awards 2016.

Cyber Security Product/partnership of the year 2017


The Crises Control Incident Management platform is now available through G-Cloud to all UK public sector organisations.  READ MORE ...

Crises Control has won the Computing Magazines' Cloud DR & Continuity Solution of the year for 2018.  READ MORE ...

Our Team

We have brought together a small but expert team to develop, operate and market our exciting product. This includes a mixture of technology geeks who develop and operate the platform, marketers who are building our brand and reaching out to new customers and seasoned entrepreneurs who run the whole thing and plan how we will expand into a growing market.


Five ways to cut down your business disruption

1.     Good planning begins with identifying risk. Knowing what risks you face as a business is the first step to mitigating them.

2.     Incident specific action plans help you respond more effectively. When a crisis strikes you need an action plan that you can use in real time.

3.     Ensure you have communication when you need it most. When your power is down or your network has been hacked, you must still be able to communicate.

4.     Build your supply chain resilience by including your supply partners within your crises response platform.

5.     Practice makes perfect. Test and test again, so that when you need it you are ready to respond quickly and effectively.

To assist in getting the right kind of planning in place for your organization we have produced a white paper that provides more depth on the advice provided above.   

Download our white paper

Download the Crises Control White Paper on getting started with Mass Notification


Cloud DR and Continuity Product of the year - 2018



Crises Control  


Phone  +44 (0) 20 8584 1385 



Human Aspects of Business Continuity - Free Event 29th March

The Human Aspects of Business Continuity - 29th March 2012
A special full day seminar from the Continuity Forum and DSM 
being held on 29th March in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.
When a crisis hits an organisation, the Business Continuity focus is often placed on the physical recovery of infrastructure and the restart and protection of critical processes.  Its a stressfull business and to achieve this effectively you need your team to be in tip top shape, yet crises can come in many flavours that frequently cause real issues for the people you are counting on. How they react and cope is vital to your recovery!  
Understanding how the Human Factors in crisis interact with your management planning is key to ensure your organisation gets back to work quickly and effectively.

BSI launch new Crisis Management Standard with the Cabinet Office


BSI Crisis Management. Guidance and Good PracticeThe Cabinet Office and the British Standards Institution are today launching a new crisis management standard to help businesses cope with unexpected emergencies like civil unrest, employee deaths, corporate espionage or natural disaster.

The standard – known technically as PAS 200 – advises organisations on the kind of capabilities they need to develop and maintain in order to detect, prepare and respond to a crisis.  

Business Continuity Veteran Joins MIR3

Pickren’s BC/DR Expertise Allows MIR3 to Offer Expanded Consultative Offerings and Strategic Support
SAN DIEGO (July 21, 2011)—MIR3, the innovator of real-time Intelligent Notification™ and response technology, announced today that Ann Pickren has joined the company as vice president of solutions, effective immediately. This new role enhances the level of strategic and consultative service MIR3 can provide to its growing base of customers.

Video - Showing your side of the story

This video is aimed squarely at the challenges of managing during a transport disruption. With the past few years in mind these lessons are both timely and relevant to any Business Continuity Manager
Tony Coll speaks on the kind of action you can undertake to illustrate just how your organisation can demonstrate the how your Business Continuity planning is kicking in, maybe turning you from the bad guy to the good one.
If you would like to know more about how Crisis Management and Communications can help your organisations Business Continuity Planning do get in touch with us directly here.

Video Advice on Negative Social Media comment

This video covers some thoughts on how you might address negative commentary appearing on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Network sites. We hope that you will find this useful in building the communications aspects of your organisations Business Continuity Management process. 
The short video from Ruth at AHA Creative sees her sharing advice on what you can do to mitigate the situation if you find the organisation being criticised on Social Networking Sites. 
If you would like to know more about how Crisis Management and Communications can help your organisations Business Continuity Planning do get in touch with us directly here.

Advice on managing a PR crisis - Video

This is a nice little video covering the principle points surrounding Media Communications that we hope you will find useful in building your organisations Business Continuity Management process.

Communication in a Crisis - Integrating Business Continuity and Communications Debate


Communication in a Crisis -
1st March London EC1M 6EZ
Breakfast Debate
Business Continuity and Communications

The Continuity Forum would be delighted to see you at our latest free Breakfast Debate on 1st March. 
The debate will run from 8.30, for networking and a little light refreshment, with the debate closing at around  11.30. 
We will be discussing a number of themes, all under the Chatham House Rule, but the following should help to provide a framework for your thought processes.

EVENT - "Commanding the Crisis" London 14th December

Business Continuity Forum Crisis Management event
Commanding the Crisis 
London 14th December 


Second Workshop date for Commanding the Crisis Birmingham 22nd July

Business Continuity Forum Crisis Management event
Commanding the Crisis 
Birmingham July 22nd 


Crisis Communication - How not to handle an interview


How not to handle crisis communications

We hope you like this clip by Australian comedians John Clarke and Bryan Dawe which provides a humourous example of how not to handle the media.

Originally recorded over 10 years ago following a tanker incident this short video will hopefully make you laugh and more importantly, think!


If you would like to find out how it should be done get in touch!

For more details on our events, workshops and industry development work, as well as the general activities of the Continuity Forum please contact us directly on +44 208 993 1599 or mail us HERE!

If you would like to know more about how your organisation can get involved and benefit from working with the Continuity Forum, please email us HERE! or call on + 44 (0) 208 993 1599.

Crisis communications - Ten factors that protect your organisation

Business Continuity Forum crisis management

Over the past six months there have been a number of headline stories that have affected some of the most trusted names in business.


BP is currently battling an oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, for which their Chief Executive immediately accepted all blame and responsibility (even though BP themselves were not directly responsible) and promised to cover all the costs associated with the cleanup.


Toyota has been struggling with the difficulties surrounding recalls to a number of models due to defects reported extensively in the media, and now Johnson & Johnson is facing potential damage to its reputation following the findings of the US Food and Drug Administration. The report from the FDA this week states inspectors found thick dust and grime and contaminated ingredients at the Johnson & Johnson plant that produces children's Tylenol and dozens of other products which J&J recalled last week.


Back in 1943 Johnson & Johnson's chairman, John Wood Johnson who served for more than 30 years wrote their company credo, the forerunner of a modern Mission statement. He wrote that the company's first responsibility is "to the doctors, nurses, patients and parents who use its products and ensuring that consequently everything the company does must be of high quality"


Crisis Management Seminar & Workshop

Crisis Management Seminar

We are continuing this very popular and successful Event series with regular half day sessions that discuss vital Crisis Management topics covering Managing your People, working with stake-holders and Crisis Communications.

7/7 Phone network performance examined and explained


Following the explosions on the morning of 7th July hundreds of thousands of people used their mobile phones to contact their families and work colleagues. Mobile networks are designed to cope with significant peaks in volumes of calls, and a safety margin is also built in so that even major events do not overload the system. Call volumes on 7th July far exceeded normal levels, and the O2 network alone carried 67% more voice traffic in central London than normal, while text message volumes increased by 20% on the day across the whole country.

The O2 network was not damaged by the attacks and we took steps to manage the demand. The large number of calls did mean that there was network congestion in parts of London, but most customers were able to make calls after several attempts.

Crisis Management Event 30th March

We are continuing this very popular and successful Event series and this half day event will discuss topics such as Managing your People and Crisis Communications.

We are delighted to bring a significant Case Study from a leading British organisation, illustrating their approach to Crisis Management, including lessons learned from various crises. We will also be discussing the latest developments in business continuity, risk management and will include recently updated information on market developments.

As always, the Continuity Forum aims to remove the hype and focus on the FACTS, and to this end we are delighted to be working with high quality speakers from leading organisations and individuals in this space.

The event is aimed at offering businesses, practitioners and vendors alike unbiased and straightforward advice on the issues you face today. It is expected that this event will attract a large audience, offering potential networking with businesses of all sizes in the local area. Since places will be limited, we urge early registration.

If you have colleagues who may be interested, please do feel free to forward this invitation as soon as possible.

The event is offered free of charge to members, and will be charged at £100 plus VAT for non-members.

We will also be providing a special CRISIS MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP in the afternoon. 

To book your place, please email and include "CRISIS MANAGEMENT - 30TH MARCH 2010" in your subject header.

Places will be reserved for members first, and then on a strictly first come first served basis.

Outline Agenda

09.00 Registration & Coffee

09.30 Introduction & Housekeeping

09.40 Opening Address - The Continuity Forum

10.00 Case Study - A Major British Organisation 10.30 Coffee & Networking

11.00 Communicating in a Crisis

11.30 Managing your People during a Crisis 12.00 The Continuity Forum

12.45 Closing Comments and Discussion Session

This special event is brought to you by The Continuity Forum.

For further information on this event or to reserve your place at this please contact us on the details below: Sara McKenna on 0208 993 1599 or mail HERE!

Please book your space ASAP! This event forms part of our public awareness sessions and is open to both members and non-members.

Preference will be given in the first instance to Full Forum Members.

This event is strictly hosted under CHATHAM HOUSE RULES. 

For more details on our events, workshops and industry development work, as well as the general activities of the Continuity Forum please contact us directly on +44 208 993 1599 or mail us HERE! Please do contact Sara Mckenna or Russell Price .

If you would like to know more about how your organisation can get involved and benefit from working with the Continuity Forum, please email us HERE! or call on + 44 (0) 208 993 1599.



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