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Special Circumstances Demand Special Solutions

Adequate and readily available accommodation is a primary requirement and concern. Fires, floods, storms, hurricanes and other disasters leave people and businesses without a roof over their heads. War and unstable governments cause whole communities to flee.

All over the world, people are migrating. But those who are sent out to maintain the peace, or provide disaster relief also need accommodation. Epidemics could necessitate setting up an emergency hospital or medical post.

These are housing situations for which De Boer offers a solution in the form of high-endurance, secure temporary accommodation. Located all over the world, these shelters serve as reception centres for refugees and displaced persons, as medical posts, offices, schools or even as extra prison space. They are also used as army barracks: during the Gulf War De Boer tents served as temporary accommodation.

Fast and Reliable

One of the great advantages of temporary accommodation is the speed at which it is able to meet a sudden demand. In most cases this means that orders placed with De Boer today are operational within a few days, a requisite in emergencies. Such speed can only be achieved because De Boer works with the most advanced systems, a specialised construction team and a highly efficient logistics system that can draw on worldwide stocks.

De Boer moreover has at its disposal an extensive network of professional partners in various disciplines. However great the urgency, concessions are never made to the reliability and safety of the accommodation.

Flexible and Comfortable

The temporary shelters of De Boer are not only quickly erected, but in terms of size and shape they meet the specific needs of every customer. They range from simple accommodation to a fully laid out barracks complex with dormitories and dining halls, recreation facilities, kitchens, bathrooms, offices and stockrooms. By employing modular construction methods, every accommodation can be expanded or reduced at any time.

This is a highly flexible system that can be effortlessly orientated to the space that is available and required and to existing circumstances. Because all shelters are constructed of multi-functional panels, virtually any conceivable interior configuration is also possible, so that sufficient privacy can be assured for the users.

Total Concept

A temporary shelter is more than the sum of a number of walls. Service also takes high priority at De Boer. Water, electricity and sanitary facilities are part of the standard accommodation package.

Heating and air conditioning can be laid on as options. The service package can also include soft furnishings and any further furnishing of rooms. All this adds up to an extremely efficient service based on the principle of one-stop-shopping. In this way De Boer provides a total concept that has proven its ability to save customers considerable time and money.

Sound Workmanship

Sound workmanship combined with an eye for detail are typical features of De Boer accommodation. The walls are made of durable PVC sheets set in aluminium or steel frames whilst the floor sections are made of wood. All structures are tested in practice right down to the smallest detail.

Thus De Boer accommodation meets the toughest possible international standards and guarantee a maximum degree of safety. All materials furthermore meet the highest European standards for fire safety and all tents are storm-proof. They withstand almost all weather conditions with flying colours. Accommodation of De Boer can therefore not only be used temporarily, but is equally suitable on a semi-permanent basis.

The Importance of the Right Choice

All measures and facilities that are required in an assistance situation should be provided with care - even in times of urgency. The right choice can be crucial. For three generations De Boer has devoted the greatest possible care to every order it receives. And this has been accompanied by success: for that reason De Boer is known as the international market leader.

Over the last eight decades a huge amount of know-how and expertise has been gathered in the field of temporary accommodation. DeBoer offer this experience in situations where extra care and attention are so important. This allows customers to direct their know-how and expertise at those key areas in which they themselves are specialised.

In extraordinary circumstances, DeBoer covers all. 


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