EVENT - "Commanding the Crisis" London 14th December

Business Continuity Forum Crisis Management event
Commanding the Crisis 
London 14th December 


Our seminars have proven popular with organisations of all types, from Local and Central Government, though some of the largest organisations in the world, as well as those who are practitioners in the wide and varied fields of Continuity, Risk, Security, Insurance, Crisis and Emergency Management, and indeed all related areas.

Continuity Forum Chairman Russell Price, Chairman & Founder of the Continuity Forum invites you to work with us for the first in our new our programme of Special Topic Workshop Seminars.

Over the past decade the Continuity Forum has delivered hundreds of events of the highest standard with over 96% of delegates consistently rating our sessions as either excellent or very good.

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Special London Date  

Effective leadership before and during a crisis can mean the difference between surviving or thriving.

No-one would suggest that a serious crisis easy to deal with whether in the public sector or in private business, but there is a huge difference in how well different organisations cope ... Why?

Continuity Forum research has repeatedly demonstrated that effective planning before a crisis delivers tremendous benefits helping all stakeholders deal with events and the challenges posed more effectively and creates far better outcomes for organisations.

Through a robust and forthright approach to the issues you are able to protect your business and stakeholders and greatly reduce the damage incurred. Through this session the Continuity Forum brings together Thought Leaders from government and business to discuss the core principles of effective Crisis Management and what can be done to manage and develop best practice crisis leadership cost effectively within your organisation.

This Workshop is suitable for a wide range of people across the organisation. Managing a Crisis involves a lot of people who invariably have little or no experience of issues and problems. This Workshop is designed and focused to effectively support and develop everyones understanding, capability and confidence.

It is ideally suited for Directors & Managers as well as those responsible for BCM and Crisis Management.





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"We already know enough to begin to cope with all the major problems that now threaten us.

Our crisis is not a crisis of information; it is a crisis of decision of policy and action."

George Wald Nobel Prize winner 1967

Join us in Birmingham on 22nd July to learn how you can prepare your team and learn how to ‘Command the Crisis’.

This Workshop session is free to members of the Continuity Forum and priced at only £219 for non-members including Lunch and refreshments. The session will run from 09:30 till 16:00, with a break for a working lunch. 

Dress code is smart casual and the day operates under the Chatham House rule.  Spaces are very limited and the first call will go to members and Partners of the Continuity Forum. Please do contact us with any details you may need prior to booking or if you have any special needs.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for organisations. Please contact us for more details.

Key sessions 

Plans are nothing.  Planning is everything. 

This interactive session will enable delegates to expand on and develop the framework needed to define the process needed manage the crisis.  It shows how the Crisis Management plan needs to connect to the organisation and its core values and how to lever Business Continuity Management to help manage and control the situation.  

How do we plan for a major crisis?  What are they and can you really prepare for them?

How can we build on the plans we already have?

What will be the impacts positive and negative?

How do new technologies such as social networking impact on crisis management and communications?

We will use a fictional scenario as a catalyst for discussion around these topics and as a way of sharing experiences and best practice amongst delegates.

Horizon Scanning and Crisis Avoidance Session 

Establishing a proper Crisis Management process needs a reliable system that can adapt to situations and support prompt intervention.  

This session outlines how organisations generally fail to identify the next Crisis and end up regret it.  We explore a number of scenarios and illustrate that an effective crisis management approach can save hundreds of millions and much much more.  By looking at cultural and behavioural factors we'll help you understand how time after time crises emerge that could easily have been avoided completely.  We'll also look at how you can develop more effective plans and capability within your own organisation by 'listening' and assessing feedback on a range of issues giving you the capability to use your new knowledge quickly.

Scenario Breakout Session overview 

In this session we look at a number of Crisis scenarios in a workshop format and ask teams to work through the events as occurred, by using real-life examples we can illustrate how the combination of a positive approach to BCM and Crisis Management would have resulted in vastly different outcomes for the organisations concerned 

For more information and to book your place please contact us directly on info@continuityforum.org or call us on +44 (0) 208 993 1599