Synstar to opens new Thames Valley business recovery centre

Hewlett-Packard, through Synstar, its UK-based business continuity company, is launching a new recovery centre on 25th May, 2005. This new business continuity centre is situated in Reading to serve the Thames Valley area.

The facility will offer in excess of 100 seats and boasts office, IT, telephone and communications facilities, as well as a data centre of over 10,000 sq ft.

On the 25th May Synstar will be providing a free business continuity seminar, which will address:

- Why it is vital for businesses to have a business continuity plan;

- How you can assess the specific areas of risk to your business, and develop a specific business continuity plan to address these risks;

- What types of business continuity services are available today and how they can help organisations.

A full tour of the new facility will also be on offer.

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