Managing Risk - Risk & Security in a Complex World, 18th May 2010

When you think about risks posed by IT today, your concerns go way beyond what’s happening in the data centre or the IT department. Because in most organisations, IT has become an essential part of virtually every business process. As a result, managing Risk now means much more than protecting systems and data.  It means protecting the business itself. 

Managing Domestic Terrorism Event

Managing Domestic Terrorism Event - Jan 23rd - South East

Business today faces many new threats, and the management of these threats is rapidly becoming a major factor in business planning.

Is Terrorism just one more threat, or are there specific risks, separate from other business issues, that need to be considered?

Government guidelines are available to all, but how can you be sure that you have understood and adapted the guidelines to suit your own specific requirements? Can you be sure that you have done everything necessary, by law and by logic, to protect your business and your people?

Business Continuity for extreme weather events

The conference will benefit from expert speakers such as John Sharp who lectures on Business Continuity for the Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College, and Alex Nickson who is the Mayor of London's Climate Change advisor.

The day will feature a range of presentations from practitioners discussing their experiences from recent Severe Weather incidents, each followed by a short workshop in order to facilitate learning between delegates.

A number of exhibitor opportunities still exist (lunch is even included!). For further information on this event or to reserve your place at this Special Workshop please contact us on the details below: Please book your space ASAP click on the link below!

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DeBoer Structures - Gold Partner

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Special Circumstances Demand Special Solutions

Adequate and readily available accommodation is a primary requirement and concern. Fires, floods, storms, hurricanes and other disasters leave people and businesses without a roof over their heads. War and unstable governments cause whole communities to flee.

All over the world, people are migrating. But those who are sent out to maintain the peace, or provide disaster relief also need accommodation. Epidemics could necessitate setting up an emergency hospital or medical post.

These are housing situations for which De Boer offers a solution in the form of high-endurance, secure temporary accommodation. Located all over the world, these shelters serve as reception centres for refugees and displaced persons, as medical posts, offices, schools or even as extra prison space. They are also used as army barracks: during the Gulf War De Boer tents served as temporary accommodation.

Small business: A chronic lack of preparedness

Bombs, hurricanes, power cuts. What does it take to get small and medium-sized enterprises to prepare for the worst with a business continuity plan? The London Chamber of Commerce, whose members have suffered all of the above in the last 20 years, often on multiple occasions, believes that as many as 44 per cent of SMEs in the capital have no contingency plans.

IBM launches Resilience Program Assessment service

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Maintaining business continuity was once viewed in the context of maintaining disaster recovery plans. Today, however, you must address the entire range and level of your company's exposures, including IT disruptions, sudden competitive moves, customer and consumer demands, security threats, market fluctuations and failure to comply with numerous government and industry regulations.
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