Managing Domestic Terrorism Event

Managing Domestic Terrorism Event - Jan 23rd - South East

Business today faces many new threats, and the management of these threats is rapidly becoming a major factor in business planning.

Is Terrorism just one more threat, or are there specific risks, separate from other business issues, that need to be considered?

Government guidelines are available to all, but how can you be sure that you have understood and adapted the guidelines to suit your own specific requirements? Can you be sure that you have done everything necessary, by law and by logic, to protect your business and your people?

This workshop allows you to discuss and analyse current guidelines, with peers and experts from a range of organisations, and will give you the opportunity to gain a clear insight into your responsibilities and capabilities, in a no-nonsense format.

Workshop Topics

  • The current risks facing business today
  • Government Guidelines – how to understand and apply them
  • Coordinating business continuity and emergency planning
  • How to communicate your plans with your people


Registration, networking and coffee

Introduction by the Continuity Forum

Workshop briefing  

Round table – facilitated group activity

Coffee and networking break

Round table – facilitated group activity

Round up and EXTENDED Q&A Session

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