Video Advice on Negative Social Media comment

This video covers some thoughts on how you might address negative commentary appearing on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Network sites. We hope that you will find this useful in building the communications aspects of your organisations Business Continuity Management process. 
The short video from Ruth at AHA Creative sees her sharing advice on what you can do to mitigate the situation if you find the organisation being criticised on Social Networking Sites. 
If you would like to know more about how Crisis Management and Communications can help your organisations Business Continuity Planning do get in touch with us directly here.

Advice on managing a PR crisis - Video

This is a nice little video covering the principle points surrounding Media Communications that we hope you will find useful in building your organisations Business Continuity Management process.

Using mass notification systems to issue weather Alerts - Video

During severe weather getting information on how disruptions are impacting on transport systems and services is a valuable capability.  Whether you are a public sector organisation or a business, proactively distributing accurate information can make a huge difference on how you and your stakeholders cope. 

New National Security Strategy Launched ... What does it mean for BCM and EP

The UK government has published its revised National Security Strategy entitled “a strong Britain in an age of uncertainty" and within its pages are a number of interesting details that point towards an evolving future for Business Continuity.

The new strategy delivers the coalition governments view on the emerging and current threats to the UK. Closely linked to the recently announced spending review affecting the Armed Forces the national strategy document and other dimensions that are highly relevant to us all and positions the thinking on both risks and importantly responsibilities for them.

Fun video from BSI - everyone's a winner

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A fun video from the BSI showing that a crisis can come from the most unexpected and even impossibly unlikely sources.  This one's a 14million to one chance.

Moving to the Cloud video - An introductory video from IBM Center for the Business of Government

In this video Dr. Wyld examines the entry of the cloud computing phenomena into the government. He avoids the technical language and focuses on the business and societal impacts of cloud computing. He examines how this concept has changed the expectations of both the public and of government executives and managers.

A video overview from the IBM Center for The Business of Government introducing Analytics and Risk Management

This video from IBM Center for the Business of Government outlines 4 reports available looking at Analytics and Risk Management and how it can be used.

More information and the reports can be downloaded from the IBM Center for The Business of Government.  

US Rail Company talking on the benefits of IBM Business Resilience (video)

This video features interviews with an Client who has developed robust business rooted resilience that delivers commercial benefits and savings. 

The Company talks about how they have benefited from Risk Management and operational improvements to their services as well as better portability and access to data using a variety of resilience and virtualisation techniques 

New Security and Counter Terrorism programme announced

Government enhances Counter Terrorism measures - CONTEST 2

The government has set out its enhanced strategy to combat the threat of Terrorism; known as CONTEST the policy shows the context and threat as well as the process adopted to counter the threat.

The briefing illustrates how terrorism has evolved in the UK and explains what led to the emergence of the threat we face today. It also examines how the threat may evolve over the next few years. The strategy sets out the principles that form the basis of the government’s response to terrorism.

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