Using mass notification systems to issue weather Alerts - Video

During severe weather getting information on how disruptions are impacting on transport systems and services is a valuable capability.  Whether you are a public sector organisation or a business, proactively distributing accurate information can make a huge difference on how you and your stakeholders cope. 
In this video we see how ImpactWeather and Mir3 have worked together have combined their expertise to deliver information to clients around the world enabling Business Continuity and through effective communications.
The possibilities of this type of integration between services and technology add a great capability for the business continuity sector and we'd be interested to hear how you could see this type of solution being used in the future.
Our top three suggestions so far are:
In third place ... employee notification. Just getting the word out to your folks on how events that have occurred are affecting you and what they need to do.
In second place ... enabling communication between diverse responders across communities and regions, even giving access to a control room for more information. 
In first place ... Service updates ... From notices of school closures through to local disruptions to services, messages could be sent to immediately to large numbers.  Ever lost phone, internet or utility services ... been left wondering when they would come back on.  We think this sort of notice would be highly valued and have seen the benefits first hand .. makes the planning around the event work better and enables changes to be made based on accurate up to date information.