Online Cyber Security course from the OU, Cabinet Office and BIS

Online Cyber security training from the Open University
Future Learn has launched 3 new free cyber security online training courses, funded by the National Cyber Security Programme.  
The courses are aimed at all levels, from young people through to existing employees, and represent an excellent opportunity to develop skills in the IA arena.

Mass Notification for Education

Intelligent Notification | MIR3

Schools and campuses carry a singular burden of responsibility in protecting the lives of students, staff, faculty and visitors. How are schools, colleges and universities using Intelligent Notification to effectively communicate with what is often a very mobile community?

Here are just a few examples of notification in action in education:

  • •  A bomb threat is called into a college dormitory; emergency services must act quickly to protect students
  • •  A chemical spill takes place on the edge of campus; students must be notified to evacuate a large area quickly
  • •  An infectious disease breaks out; students must be alerted to take precautions and seek help if infected
  • •  The campus office gets a call about a suspicious character lurking near the dorms; security must be directed to that location
  • •  Passwords are increasingly being lost; students need a way to retrieve and reset them from wherever they are
  • •  One college has five campuses; they must have a way to reach students or staff at all locations by phone, cell, email or SMS
  • How Intelligent Notification works in education

Effective notification involves more than just sending a one-way alert. You must be able to quickly determine who needs to know what, whether that includes students, staff, faculty or others, and your message must be adapted as your contacts respond. Intelligent Notification handles this complex task, rapidly launching a message to groups of any size, whether in one location or spread all over a large campus. It uses MIR3 data management expertise and tools to pull information from various contact databases to make sure you’re always using the latest contact information.

Intelligent Notification is used by educational institutions for business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR), for emergency alerting, and to keep IT systems up and running.

Download ten tips for notification for the Energy and Utilities sector

Read the Data Sheet for the energy and utilities sectors

Intelligent Notification | MIR3

Continuity Shop partners with the Business Continuity Forum

Continuity Shop partner with the Continuity Forum Continuity Shop partner with the Continuiyy Forum
We are delighted to welcome the Continuity Shop to our growing list of partners 
For many years Continuity Shop have been working with organisations around the world to deliver an extensive range of Endorsed BCM training courses.  

Our recommended reading list covering Business Continuity, Risk Management and a bit more

Its always a little difficult to find a good read, but here are a selection of titles that we have found interesting or stimulating. 
We've selected titles that cover a pretty broad range of topics that we think will help you develop your skill, knowledge and thinking. Some are pure text books targeted at very specific areas of the sector, but most are more accessible.

Advice for Universities and Colleges

This guidance has been developed to assist the higher and further education sectors in addressing the security issues relating to terrorist attacks.
It is the product of discussions and sharing of best practice involving the National Counter Terrorism Security Office together with representatives from UK universities and colleges.
We want our Higher and Further institutions to be places where all students and staff are safe and secure and able to foster a culture of shared values and open debate to cohere the rightly celebrated diversity of the sector. But there is a real and serious threat of terrorist attacks in the UK and terrorism can come in many forms, not just a physical attack on life and limb. It can include interference with vital information or communication systems, causing disruption and economic damage. This guidance helps those with the responsibility for Security, Business Continuity and Contingency planning met their obligations. 

Business Continuity Basics - Our introduction to Business Continuity

Business Continuity Basics Educational Workshop SERIES

Following many successful Events held by the Continuity Forum, a number of our members and associates have requested that we run a special Programme of BCM Development Events.  These events can be tailored to specifically meet the needs of our members, partners and other organisations.

Aimed at those looking to develop their Business Continuity skills, or those at the very start of the BC Planning phase within their organisation, these events are specifically to help ensure that your planning is as efficient and effective as possible.

BC Basics EVENT - Identification of Critical Activities - London & Birmingham

Category Business Continuity Management BCM - EVENT - Support - Advice

Business Continuity Basics Educational Workshop SERIES

The Continuity Forum run a special Programme of BCM Development Events aimed at those looking to develop their BC planning skills, or those at the very start of the BC Planning phase within their organisation, these events are specifically to help ensure that your planning is as efficient and effective as possible.

Exercising the Business Continuity Plan

 Business Continuity Management - EVENT - Exercising and rehearsal - Advice

Exercising the BCM Plan

Special Facilitated Workshop Session

Exercising your plan is the most vital aspect of the planning process and one which is the topic of extensive discussion.

Through this facilitated WORKSHOP we provide practitioners with both direct support and materials, which will enable most to directly improve the viability and effectiveness of their Business Continuity Management process.

Academic Liason

Building links with Academia 

The Continuity Forum is keen to develop collaborative relationships with Academia Internationally to support research and development into Business Continuity issues.

We will work with all interested parties and provide essential support to initiatives geared to improve the knowledge base and professionalism of the industry.

Our extensive research library provides data ideal to support learning and development programmes and we would be delighted to work on or develop joint projects with Colleges and Universities as well as to support and encourage those individual students studying for higher degrees.

If you would like to discuss how we can work together please contact us at

If you would like to work with the Continuity Forum on joint projects of mutual interest please contact us directly on +44 (0) 993 1599 or by clicking HERE! outlining your specific area of interest and we'll get straight back to you.


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