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EU Flood Command to improve EU response

EU FloodCommand is a new UK-led, EU co-funded project to improve cooperation between member states as they plan and implement a joined-up response to coastal flooding disasters. Coastal flooding has been a cause of major loss of life and destruction of property over recent decades across Europe, and the problem is due to get worse with global warming and predicted rises in sea levels. The EU has agreed to fund the project up to 80 per cent of its overall eligible costs.

DEFRA announces £2M for flood rescue capability


The Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra) has announced a total of £2million to improve flood rescue capability. Grants totalling approximately £650,000 have been awarded from the fund today.

Civil Contingencies 2011 Conference Programme


Civil Contingencies 2011 Programme 

Seminars at Civil Contingencies 2011

Conference Seminars available at Civil Contingencies 2011- 18 Jan 2011

A careful selection of one-hour seminars running in the morning and afternoon will allow delegates to understand complex areas of specific interest. You will have the opportunity to attend two seminars in total. These sessions will open up into an interactive discussion, giving you the chance to contribute and debate the hot topics of the day.

Breach of national security at UK airport

Several cargo planes were grounded at separate US airports after suspicious packages were found on board planes in London and Dubai. Security has been stepped up at UK airports for flights to the US following the incident.

GovNet Communications

Civil Contingencies 2011 - Continuity Forum Partner Event

GovNet - A Continuity Forum Partner

Civil Contingencies 2011
QEII Conference Centre, London. 
Tuesday 18th January, 2011
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