Breach of national security at UK airport

Several cargo planes were grounded at separate US airports after suspicious packages were found on board planes in London and Dubai. Security has been stepped up at UK airports for flights to the US following the incident.

In response to this breach of national security, the Government has ordered a wide-ranging review of air freight security after the plot to send bombs on cargo planes.

This incident has happened in the wake of the Government's recently revised National Security Strategy entitled "a strong Britain in an age of uncertainty", pointing towards an evolving future for business continuity.

A section of this report, "Risks to our Security", makes it clear that we have to promote resilience, both locally and nationally, and to achieve this is a truly strategic approach which requires us to go significantly further than just assessing domestic civil emergencies. The new National Security Risk Assessment includes the full range of existing and potential risks to our security that might emerge over the next two decades.

Tier One details those considered to be the highest priority for UK national security based on likelihood and impact. These include terrorist attacks on the UK or its interests, criminal or state sponsored cyber attack and major accidents or natural hazards that require a national response.