Exercise Watermark underway


Over the next week the largest ever civil protection exercise in the UK gets underway. The Exercise, called Watermark, involves 10 government departments, 34 resilience forums and many teams from emergency planning, water and energy companies, hospitals and schools as well as a host of Business Continuity professionals coming together to test their preparedness against a range of different flooding Sceanrios.
Exercise Watermark is supported by DEFRA, who are contributing £820,000 to the emergency services, charities and others to help pay for flood rescue equipment and training. All of the equipment will be added to the National asset register for flood rescue resources and will be called upon in the event of major flooding events.

BSI Guidance on Exercising and Testing - PD25666:2010 now available


PD 25666 gives appropriate guidance to all organizations on performing exercising, including testing activities, for continuity and contingency programmes. Arrangements for information technology (IT) systems also fall under this general guidance.

This guidance is intended to be read and used in conjunction with BS 25999BS 25777, ISO/PAS 22399 and BS ISO/IEC 27001 and the other relevant BSI documents.

This Published Document provides a framework for, or signposts to, good practice for any organization that wishes to engage in exercising activities. Although there are operational differences between contingency and continuity programmes, it is suggested that there is synergy in exercising activities between these disciplines.

PD 25666 establishes the principles and terminology of exercising and gives guidance on the processes and methods for developing or improving continuity and contingency capabilities.

Exercising the Plan - Workshop Event - London 6th July 2010

Business Continuity Forum Exercising event
Exercising the Plan 
London July 6th  




Exercising the BCM Plan

Exercising the BCM Plan  Jan 30th London - Full
Exercising your plan is the most vital aspect of the planning process and one which is the topic of extensive discussion.
Through this facilitated WORKSHOP we provide practitioners with both direct support and materials, which will enable most to directly improve the viability and effectiveness of their Business Continuity Management process.
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