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The Business Continuity role in adapting to climate change

Environment Agency - Climate Adaptation Last winter heavy rain, storm force winds and large waves combined with high spring tides presented England with unprecedented flooding from the sea, rivers, groundwater and surface water.

Thousands of properties were flooded, infrastructure was damaged and tragically, eight people lost their lives. The full impact of these events has not yet been calculated but we do know that 175,000 businesses in England are at risk of flooding [note1].  

IPCC 2014 stresses importance of Risk Management in meeting Climate challenge

Climate Adaptation and Business Continuity - an essential connection

These videos introduce the 2014 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report.  The findings of Working Group Two focuses on Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation.
These are central themes of not only the latest thinking on how best to meet the Climate Change Challenge, but go to the heart of the work of Risk and Business Continuity professionals across business around the world.

Making your Business Climate Ready - Guide for Business Continuity Professionals

Get Involved - Continuity Forum Climate Adaptation Programme
Business Continuity Management Professionals have a new tool to help understand and manage the challenge of Climate Change. 
“Adapting to Climate Change using your Business Continuity Management System” is a new publication developed by the Environment Agency in partnership with Climate Ready and that has been published by the BSI.

Consultation on review of ISO Business Continuity Standards | Urgent

URGENT | Review of ISO 22301:2012 and ISO 22313:2012 – have your say!BSI Survey | Revision of ISO 22301 & 22313 | Business Continuity


For standards to remain relevant and keep up with the needs of industry they need to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis and after five years the time has come for the International Standards for business continuity management to be put under the spotlight to examine whether there are any revisions or amendments required.

As part of this process we are seeking the views from the community of standards users, from auditors and those who are certified, to those who align to it. This is your chance to help ensure that both the standard specification for ISO 22301 and the guidance available in ISO 22313 are delivering what is needed for stakeholders.

Please click on this link https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ISO-22301-17 and take the short survey to assist us with understanding the appetite for amendments and revision. The survey should take less than 10 minutes and will close on the 29th August 2017.


Business Continuity Management for Utilities | Abu Dhabi | 13-16 Sept


Business Continuity Management for Utilities | Abu Dhabi | 13-16 September 2015


The threat of a continued outage in a critical business processes can have major consequences for an energy or utility company. In an era of instant information, stakeholders demand to know whether an organisation is prepared to react appropriately and ensure continuity of operations.

Recent disasters and their associated impact in Middle East and North Africa have highlighted the importance of system availability, forcing senior management to have contingency planning on the forefront of their minds.

Save money - mail us for your conference discount code

The Business Continuity Management for Utilities Conference will be held from 13 – 16 September 2015 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to help organisations develop their Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Crisis Management (CM) learning road maps. The conference will equip business leaders with the tools needed to, not just survive, but thrive in this new world of risk.

Why Attend:

  • ➤ Learn how to execute a successful business continuity plan and recovery processes for your business
  • ➤ Discuss BCM trends and how to overcome the cultural challenges faced in the Middle East
  • ➤ Ensure appropriate levels of communication and information between the incident management and business continuity teams, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • ➤ Gain valuable knowledge and information through networking sessions, experience sharing and panel discussions
  • ➤ Interact and network with industry experts from leading utilities plus national and international oil companies
  • ➤ Explore BCM solutions that will enhance your organisation’s resilience

Key topics include:

  • Business Continuity Middle East - Abu Dhabi - September 13-16➤ Road map to your organisational business continuity management competencies
  • ➤ Implications of ISO
  • ➤ Cyber terrorism: The emerging threat
  • ➤ Incident response and the crisis / emergency management plan
  • ➤ Cultural change for behaviour and attitude shifts
  • ➤ Recovery time and recover point objectives
  • ➤ Supply chain and service provider resilience
  • ➤ Implications of political unrest on country infrastructure
  • ➤ ICT continuity management
  • ➤ Systemic failure

In association with United Arab Emirates Supreme Council for National Security and the Continuity Forum



ISO Business Continuity Standard 22301 to replace BS 25999-2

BSI Business Continuity The BSI has confirmed that the new International Standard for Business Continuity - ISO 22301 Societal Security Business Continuity Management Systems  Requirements - will be officially published in mid May.
We expect that copies will be available for purchase from around the 15th May from this official link.  
With the publication of ISO 22301 it is expected that many countries around the world will formally adopt the International Standards Organization Standard for Business Continuity, enabling much greater international consistency to be realised between national requirements and better meeting the needs of global organizations.
In addition, as part of the ISO framework of standards, the new format helps create opportunities to manage what have often been independent systems in a more integrated way through common terms and processes. This should assist in better embedding of the various management systems available from ISO within organisations. 

3PQ wins Business Continuity award

Business Continuity initiative wins industry recognition The 3PQ project team has won the Best Contribution to the Business Continuity Profession prize at the annual BANG Business Continuity Awards recently held in London.
3PQ is a free resource designed to deliver practical help to those in involved in managing Business Continuity in the Supply Chain. It provides a structured framework of questions that help establish the BCM capability and priorities that is both consistent and adaptable to a wide range of organisations. 3PQ stands for Third Party Questionnaire.   
Gayle Hedgecock, Chair of the 3PQ committee commented at the awards “We are pleased to see that the 3PQ has been focused upon once again and that the team’s work has now been recognised with this prestigious award. Now is the right time for organisations to fully embrace this questionnaire and to review the Business Continuity Management (BCM) capability of their supply chain, as part of their preparedness for the London 2012 Olympics, any unusual events and for day-to-day operations.”
Vice-Chair of the committee Sara McKenna added "People need a wide range of tools to deliver effective BCM. With the 3PQ they have an easy, yet capable resource that can immediately help identify problems and build Continuity and Resilience in a difficult area. By making it free to use there really is no excuse for not addressing the supply chain risk with a bit more rigour."
The 3PQ project team deserves mention and big thank you should go to: Natalie Cooper, Robin Dunford-Green, Matt Innerd, Colin Ive, Roger Jarvis, Sharad Karia, Simon Maddox, John Robinson, Bob Simpson, Andy Tomkinson,, Bill May, Nestor Alfonzo Santamaria and Steve Yates. 
After six months in the wild and over 13,000 downloads the first review of the Questionnaire is currently being planned.
You can download and provide your feedback on this industry award winning initiative by visiting the 3PQ Project Page.
The awards night brought another prize for the Continuity Forum with Russell Price winning the Rocket Science award (we don't what it means either!) and Sara missed out by the finest of margins in the tighest vote of the night for the most helpful person in the industry award ... probably as she was just too busy to vote! 



EON achieves Business Continuity BS25999 certification again

Last year Continuity Forum reported on E.ON UK’s accomplishment in achieving BS25999-2 certification across its Business services, with no non-conformities found
Recently, following a Continuing Assessment surveillance visit by BSI auditors, E.ON UK has been successful in maintaining its Business Continuity certification - again with no non-conformities found. 

Getting Started Events Continuity Forum

Getting Started with Business Continuity - Events
Getting started with Business Continuity, Risk and Resilience
The Continuity Forum has built a special series of education events designed to get your planning off to the right start and help you and your colleagues develop the right skills as your planning develops and matures.
Our approach is to break down the whole Business Continuity Management Cycle into manageable chunks that help ensure the lessons learned can be applied between sessions.

5 steps to avoid Airport misery

Submitted Article
For some time now question marks have been placed against airports and their Business Continuity and resilience capability. In the past year alone we have seen at close hand the global chaos caused by the volcanic ash cloud, while more recently we witnessed some of Europe’s leading airports struggle to maintain operational readiness during periods of heavy snowfall.
If we go back a little further there are other striking examples, all of which add to the pervading view that airports cannot cope effectively when placed under duress and that their Business Continuity need to be improved.

Building the BCM plan - Reading 15th March

The Continuity Forum 'Building the BC Plan' event is aimed at those looking to develop their Business Continuity skills, or those at the very start of the BC Planning phase within their organisation. 
Within small groups we explore what BCM means to your organisation and how you can meet your obligations to customers and other stakeholders in an efficient and comprehensive manner.

Maintaining continual improvement momentum in BCM

Does the phrase continual improvement turn you cold?
Do you feel under pressure to keep reinventing the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) wheel?
What is continual improvement?
If you think that you have to find new ways to improve your Business Continuity system every day for the rest of your life, relax. Continual improvement is a state of mind as much as identifying tangible improvements.
Take a look at what is meant by the words continual and improvement. 

Implement an Integrated Approach to BCM

submitted by Graeme Bryce, CEO, Factonomy
Conventional approaches to Business Continuity Management (BCM) system adoption typically involve choosing from a range of cumbersome and expensive software packages which require a company to change the way it runs its business to fit in with the BCM solution being implemented.

What does the UK Spending Review mean to you! - Survey

With the biggest review of UK PLC public finances for decades and cutbacks predicted across the whole of the Sector, we ask what does this mean for those working in governments  Business Continuity and Emergency Planning areas?

The Continuity Forum is asking those with frontline responsibility for Emergency Planning and Business Continuity what they think the future holds?

Continuity Forum UK Public Sector Spending Review Survey



Click on the link above to contribute your thoughts and views on the impact of the changes.

All contributions are confidential and the report of findings will be available for download in the next few weeks.

We also have a number of other Research studies underway that can be accessed by clicking Research on the Headline Tab above.


New National Security Strategy Launched ... What does it mean for BCM and EP

The UK government has published its revised National Security Strategy entitled “a strong Britain in an age of uncertainty" and within its pages are a number of interesting details that point towards an evolving future for Business Continuity.

The new strategy delivers the coalition governments view on the emerging and current threats to the UK. Closely linked to the recently announced spending review affecting the Armed Forces the national strategy document and other dimensions that are highly relevant to us all and positions the thinking on both risks and importantly responsibilities for them.

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