IPCC 2014 stresses importance of Risk Management in meeting Climate challenge

Climate Adaptation and Business Continuity - an essential connection

These videos introduce the 2014 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report.  The findings of Working Group Two focuses on Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation.
These are central themes of not only the latest thinking on how best to meet the Climate Change Challenge, but go to the heart of the work of Risk and Business Continuity professionals across business around the world.
BCM and Risk Professionals Really have a unique role in helping meet the Climate Challenge, but to date our engagement has been rather limited.  The skills and experience of our profession gives us the experience, tools and insight needed to develop 'Intelligent Adaptation' measures that improve resilience and provide a framework for adaptive capacity that can be targeted on the priorities of the business.  

You can find out more on the work of the IPCC click the below.
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The video below gives a more detailed insight in the work and thinking and helps illustrate the range of issues being faced.  

You can also find out more about the latest guidance developed to help you upgrade your BCM planning and embed effective Climate Adaptation measures by following this link!