Government provides e-learning for SME's on Cyber and Information Security Risk

New Free e-elaerning course to boost cyber risk and information security resources available to SME'sGovernment boosts support for SME business with free Information Assurance e-learning course.

The course has been developed from governments own initiative on information security and the management of related risks across the public sector where over 200,000 people in local and central government have completed the modular course.

Making your Business Climate Ready - Guide for Business Continuity Professionals

Get Involved - Continuity Forum Climate Adaptation Programme
Business Continuity Management Professionals have a new tool to help understand and manage the challenge of Climate Change. 
“Adapting to Climate Change using your Business Continuity Management System” is a new publication developed by the Environment Agency in partnership with Climate Ready and that has been published by the BSI.

EIU research backs Forum - "Business Unprepared for Disaster"

A recent Survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit says "Most businesses are very concerned about business continuity, but two-thirds lack a reliable plan to ensure their business can survive the worst."

London Resilience publishes Strategic Emergency Plan for London

The Strategic Emergency Plan is a comprehensive overview of London's co-ordinated response to a catastrophic incident.

It comprises synopses of the key plans on which London's resilience is based - for example the Command and Control Protocol, the Communication Protocol, the Mass Fatalities plan, the large-scale evacuation framework and the Site Clearance plan.

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