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MIR3 event to help with Hurricane preparations

MIR3 To Help Companies Prepare For Hurricane Season
Hurricane Seminar Will Look at 2011 Season Predictions and Offer Enterprise-Level Preparedness Solutions
In advance of the 2011 hurricane season—which begins June 1— ImpactWeather, Inc., an organization that helps businesses worldwide fulfill their safety, security, operational and risk management missions, with sponsorship support from MIR3, the innovator of real-time Intelligent Notification™ and response technology, will present The 22nd Annual Hurricane Seminar for Business and Industry: Innovation, New Techniques and What to Expect in 2011. Taking place Tuesday, May 24, at the Hilton Houston Hobby Airport from 7:45 a.m. until noon, this year’s lineup will educate business and industry leaders on how to get, and stay, prepared for the hurricane season.

Global Continuity extends Global Assist reach with new deal

Global Continuity has signed agreements with Fusion Insurance Services and Oliva Underwriting Management to deliver Global Assist, GC's Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution to the SME Sector and reduces potential costs for all parties. 

HML renews BS 25999

Financial outsourcer HML has had its BS25999 Business Continuity Planning Certificate renewed for the second year in succession.
KPMG visited HML’s Skipton and Derry sites to assess the company’s Business Continuity Management System and related planning, preparation and governance.
Dave Edlin, HML’s Business Continuity Specialist explained why external accreditation is so important for organisations: “Gaining the BS25999 Certificate gives HML’s stakeholders peace of mind that should the unexpected occur, business will continue as close to normality as possible.

BS25999 achieved by Vocal


The British Standards Institute has awarded Vocal, best known for its iModus notification system,  full BS25999 accreditation – the British standard of business continuity management. The accreditation incorporates the entire organisation and including the iModus system. 

ICM's latest version of Emergency Office now includes Voice and Apple

ICM has launched a new version of their Emergency Office Remote Working Solution with upgraded features that extend the capabilities of the service and raises the bar across the sector by adding voice capabilities.  
The Emergency Office is a remote working solution offering corporate data and now new telephony services from any PC over standard home broadband connection.

Phoenix Group reorganise - ICM & Servo to merge

From April, 2011 ICM and Servo are to  merge to create one company. The new combined business continuity group will employ more than 600 staff, offering strategic IT and business continuity services from 17 UK locations. 

PlanB Consulting awarded BS25999 Certificate at Resilient Scotland Conference

Kim and Charlie Maclean-Bristol Directors of PlanB Consulting were awarded their BS25999 (the British Standard for business continuity) Certificate by Gordon Stewart of the British Standards Institute at the Resilient Scotland Conference in Edinburgh on 22 November 2010.

Leading Pet Specialty Retailer Adopts Intelligent Notification System To Further Strengthen Business Continuity Plans

Leading Pet Specialty Retailer Adopts Intelligent Notification System To Further Strengthen Business Continuity Plans

inAlertCenter from MIR3 helps PETCO keep pets and people safe, business running smoothly

MIR3, the innovator of real-time Intelligent Notification™ and response technology, today announced that PETCO, a leading pet specialty retailer with more than 1,000 stores nationwide, is adopting inAlertCenter™ as an internal tool to help ensure business continuity and enhance the ability of company leaders to effectively communicate in and respond to emergencies.

NetBenefit launches new cloud hosting service

Managed hosting provider NetBenefit has launched a cloud hosting service that allows users to control their own capacity needs while still offering the back up and functionality of a managed hosting environment, including 24/7 support, resilience and security.

GovNet Communications partner with the Continuity Forum for Civil Contingencies 2011

The Continuity Forum is pleased to announce a new partnership with GovNet Communications, one of the leading Public Sector publishers and Events organisers in the UK.  

IBM White Paper - Helping Business stay in business

Executive summary
How do you know if your organization is proactively prepared for—and able to flexibly respond to—unplanned events? Does your business possess the business continuity management and resilience it needs to rapidly react to potentially costly man-made or natural disruptive events? If the unthinkable should occur, discover how IBM can help protect your brand and potential revenue by helping you to:
● Assess your risks 
● Develop a tailored business continuity and resilience strategy 
● Safeguard your business-critical information while maintaining continuous operations 
● Enable a virtually complete recovery should disaster occur

New Partnership Brings Powerful Benefits To Business Continuity Planners

San Diego (November 16, 2010) – MIR3, the innovator of real-time Intelligent Notification™ and response technology, today announced that eBRP, the globally acknowledged leader in business continuity management (BCM) support, has become a referral partner, promoting inEnterprise™ Intelligent Notification technology as part of the eBRP Suite’s BCM software solution.

BS25999 Certification for Altius Associates Limited

Altius Associates Limited (“Altius”) are the first financial services company in the world to achieve official accreditation to the Global Industry Standard for Business Continuity, BS25999. 

New Flood Warning System for Scotland

BT and HTK to Deliver  System for Scottish Environment Protection Agency
Scots in flood-prone areas are set to benefit from a high-tech alert system which will warn them by text or phone call when flooding is predicted.

ISF announces 10 future threat scenarios in Threat Horizon 2012 report

Globalisation, cultural change and infrastructure weaknesses all underlying drivers

The Information Security Forum (ISF) has announced its predictions for the 10 most likely threat scenarios that organisations face in the future.  According to its new Threat Horizon 2012 report, the rapid adoption of cloud computing, increasing use of mobile devices, growth of cybercrime and online espionage, and the merging of home and work life, all have a role to play in future risk management and contingency planning.
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