NetBenefit launches new cloud hosting service

Managed hosting provider NetBenefit has launched a cloud hosting service that allows users to control their own capacity needs while still offering the back up and functionality of a managed hosting environment, including 24/7 support, resilience and security.

Designed for digital agencies and website owners that experience fluctuations in demand, the service allows customers to buy what they need on a daily or even hourly basis.

Customers choose the amount of capacity they require via a web based control panel that allows them to build their preferred combination of operating system, CPU, hard drive and RAM. Authorised users can then increase or decrease their requirements using the CPU, paying for the service in increments of as little as one hour.

Launching the service, NetBenefit Product Manager Michael Hassan said: “Cloud hosting brings a new way of buying hosting services that places the customer firmly in control. Cloud hosting customers need an easy to use service that lets them scale up, or down, as and when they need to. We listened to our customers and incorporated the features that they wanted into the NetBenefit cloud hosting service. The NetBenefit cloud hosting platform offers a variety of advanced firewall options, including VPN (Virtual Private Network) which differentiates us from many other cloud hosting services.

“We give users a fully featured system that suits their own requirements, is easy to use, and, importantly provides all the security you would expect from an experienced managed hosting provider.” said Hassan. At NetBenefit we firmly believe that the cloud should support your way of doing business, your business should not have to adapt in order to take advantage of the benefits of cloud hosting.”

NetBenefit’s Cloud hosting platform was designed in conjunction with NetBenefit’s strategic technology partners Microsoft and Dell. It is built with high levels of redundancy and resilience with components replicated to provide 100% uptime. Using Microsoft’s Hyper-V technology and 11th generation Dell servers, the platform has the capacity and resilience to provide robust hosting services that the customer can rely on whilst providing the flexibility of a cloud hosting service.