Webcasts and videos from the Continuity Forum


Webcasts and Videos from the Continuity Forum 
Over the past few years the growth and value of Webinars and video has grown hugely. The ease of use and the convenience laptops, smartphones and tablet devices means that new avenues have opened to communicate with people around the world. 
The Continuity Forum is using  this capability to support our work promoting Business Continuity and offers us an exciting tool to communicate on a range of issues and in a number of diverse ways. 
We run regular webinars for our members and partners can have us produce internal webcasts for staff and clients to support any aspect of their BCM, Risk and Resilience programme. This is a great way of spreading awareness and building support for your organizations BCM and enables skills transfer tailored to your organizations needs.
We also run Classroom, online briefings and conference sessions for members and partners again tailored to fit thier specific requirements and all made easy with our state of the art systems. To get you started here is a list of some of the current media materials you can already find on the Site.
Recent Media


We can also provide hosting for webcast or other media materials from partners and organisations needing to reach our community. These can be produced by the Continuity Forum or independently developed, we really don't mind, but they have to be focused on knowledge transfer and not just be sales pitches!
To find out more please call us on +44 (0) 208 993 1599 or mail us here