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ISO 22301 ... Business Continuity, Red Tape and Seat belts

ISO22301 Business ContinuityThere has been some fairly active discussion on a few of the industry forums recently about how standards such as BS25999 and ISO22301 are being seen as potentially even more 'red tape' by many businesses and SME companies in particular.
A key comment made was that many smaller organisations are under tremendous pressure at the moment, with more loaded on them by adding Business Continuity to the mix through the new ISO. It was summed up by the title … "It's unlikely that SME's will welcome the new standard with open arms".  
While I have great sympathy with the position taken about the plethora of regulations, legislation and other seemingly nonsense GUMPF* that surrounds us and eats away our time, I confess unsurprisingly though it's very hard to agree this is at all valid when it comes to Business Continuity.

Our monthly Charities ...

 Some of the sharper eyed amongst you will have noticed that pretty recently we have added a new feature to the Business Continuity Forum Website. Its up there in the top right hand corner ... our monthly charity.
The Continuity, Emergency and Security aspects of industry have a close involvement and understanding of what can go wrong and how lives can be ruined through a myriad of causes. Many of us have witnessed first hand some of the terrible things that do happen in this world. 

Thoughts on VSAT, Continuity and Resilience

Working in the business continuity field can be challenging, even frustrating, but sometimes there are moments of clarity, a time when you realise why the challenges and frustrations are worth the stress.
Over the past few months we have been working towards the launch of VSAT -  the vulnerability self-assessment toolkit with NACTSO.  It hasn't been too easy.  The public sector is under tremendous financial pressure and money is more than just a little tight.  For 18 months,  the Continuity Forum and NACTSO  have been working against time and budget constraints to develop a shared vision, something that can make a real difference to the safety and resilience of all our communities.

Metropolitan Police Camden Counter Terrorism Roadshow hits the spot


Camden Counter Terrorism and Continuity Roadshow

Business Continuity, support advice guidance

On Friday 30th July the Continuity Forum was delighted to support a Metropolitan Police initiative organised by the Camden Division aimed at providing practical advice and guidance to local businesses and organisations across their area to help combat terrorist threat and boost community continuity and resilience. 

The event was held at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury near Russell Square, yards from the scene of the Russell Square Bombing on 7/7. 

Thoughts on our new Commanding the Crisis Workshop


business continuity forum event commanding the crisis management

In a few weeks we'll be running our new “Commanding the Crisis” workshop in London, it's on 29 June for those of you that have missed the notices, and I think it is only fair to share what I suppose is a little concern. It is the title that worries me.

A day in the War Rooms


Business Continuity Forum BCM

On May 18th we took over the Churchill War rooms in Westminster for our Managing Risk event.   


Chairmans thoughts on Website Update


It's always a little nerve wracking when fairly big changes come along, but despite my doubts it appears as though the migration and virtually complete rebuild of our website has gone remarkably smoothly.

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