Our monthly Charities ...

 Some of the sharper eyed amongst you will have noticed that pretty recently we have added a new feature to the Business Continuity Forum Website. Its up there in the top right hand corner ... our monthly charity.
The Continuity, Emergency and Security aspects of industry have a close involvement and understanding of what can go wrong and how lives can be ruined through a myriad of causes. Many of us have witnessed first hand some of the terrible things that do happen in this world. 
We know skills and resources are essential in the efforts to help folks and communities recover and that money lies at the root of our capability to help those affected by tragedy and disaster. 
We all also know that the economics of the world are putting many of our organisations under pressure and times are tight. 
It is just at times like now that we have to even more mindful of those less fortunate than ourselves and we have collectively decided that we can do a little more to help out. We are doing this by providing a link to a different charity each month in the hope that a few of you will click the link and donate to our chosen Charity. 
The link is straight the chosen charities website and we won't know anything about your donation. All our systems can tell us is the number of clicks to donate.
Our first charity was the Poppy Appeal and this will feature annually in the run up to Remembrance Day and I am told there were something like 1200 clicks to the donation page. Many would have been curious, but we hope that some would have been prompted to donate. 
We know it'll only make a very small difference in the grand scheme of things, but every journey is made in steps and we know the money will be used well.
We are also going to link personal activities to some of these charities so please don't be offended if from time to time one of us asks for sponsorship for a three-legged, egg & spoon fun run. I have declined McKennas 'kind' offer for the time being to donate to a non-parachute jump for me that seemed to involve jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane without a parachute ... though the way she is working me in a few months I may leap at the offer!  
We'd be delighted to have your nominations for Charities to connect with and our thinking is that we will chose six and you can choose six. 
We have decided so far that we'll be supporting:
We are going to leave it there for now to see what suggestions you come up with. So have a think and nominate one.
It might seem churlish to set some boundaries, but it does make sense and we'll only be connecting with non-religious groups that are properly registered as charities and are not overtly political. They should have a donations page on the Web and provide detailed information on the work they do and show a breakdown of how donations are used.    We will also be looking for a balance between the charities we feature so any benefit is spread around a little. 
If you'd like to nominate a charity just get in touch in the usual way.