Interxion gains BS 25999 Certification

Interxion, a leading European provider of carrier-neutral colocation data centre services, today announced that it has achieved the highly regarded certification of BS 25999, the British Standards Institution (BSI) standard for Business Continuity Management. This has been integrated with Interxion’s existing Information Security Management System certification, ISO 27001.

ROI apparent when companies use business continuity practices

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Many businesses contemplate putting business continuity practices in place in case of an emergency, especially in IT where data systems and information can easily be backed up by a secondary server that mirrors a primary device.


However, it can often be difficult for companies to see the immediate benefits of such recovery plans, as one hopes disaster never strikes their enterprise.

On the other hand, international law firm Bird & Bird, whose infrastructure manager Jon Spencer recently has experienced first-hand the benefits of maintaining a comprehensive business continuity strategy.


"Businesses may not appreciate the value of business continuity systems, but they really do when systems fail," Spencer said.

As the company utilises many mobiles, it had backed up a server for its Blackberry users. And when that primary server failed, nothing skipped a beat due to its back-up planning.


"None of the firm's 240 Blackberry users experienced any interruptions in their messaging services in the two days the primary server was down," he explained.

Two days without mobile communication between colleagues at the company - not to mention contact with clients - could have proven disastrous for the business. Taking a cue from this incident, the company recently decided to more effectively back-up other servers as well, including its document management system (DMS).


"Protecting the DMS with clustering provided some level of redundancy, but we needed something to protect us if the shared storage failed or the primary data centre was unavailable," Spencer said.

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Vodafone retains BS25999 status ... and highlights the value

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Vodafone UK has recently been undergoing a thorough audit by the BSI as part of the retention process for its BS25999 certification for Business Continuity Management. The successful outcome demonstrates the capability of the Vodafone approach and in achieving recertification demonstrates to customers the added resilience of the services provided by Vodafone.


This is a point not lost on Vodafone's management. In their press statement they make reference to the clear responsibility they have as a telecommunications company to other organisations and particularly their  BCM plans. Peter Kelly, Enterprise Director Vodafone UK says “We know that mobile communications are an essential service for all businesses – retaining BS 25999 certification demonstrates that we continue to deliver the most reliable and highest quality network for our customers, no matter what.”

MCI expands business continuity and disaster recovery solutions

MCI, Inc. has announced that it has expanded its disaster recovery capabilities for government customers to include back-up voice services that will restore incoming communications within minutes.

Communications failure causes widespread disruption

The UK is not alone in facing in facing a new age in terrorist threat, the risks around the world are greater than ever before and it is our responsibility to directly address the real dangers posed Business and residential customers across a wide area of the North West of England suffered the complete loss of both voice and data capability, in most cases for over a week, and a cascade effect was seen with data hosting and call centres located within the affected area extending the effects across Britain and other countries.

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