Security and Continuity for Major Events

This guide is intended to give protective security and Business Continuity advice to those who are responsible for organising major events and event security, irrespective of size and capacity and is not specific to any particular type of event.
This advice is aimed at those events where there may be a risk of a terrorist attack either because of the nature of the event or the number or nature of the people who host or attend it. It highlights the vital part you can play in the UK counter terrorism strategy.
Terrorism also includes threats or hoaxes designed to frighten and intimidate. These 
have been targeted at various events in the UK in the past .
It is possible that your event could be the target of a terrorist incident. This might include having to deal with a bomb threat or with suspect items left in or around the event area.
Of course there is a need to make organised events as accessible as possible and to ensure there is a welcoming atmosphere within event arenas. This guide is accordingly not intended to create a 'fortress mentality'. There is however a balance to be achieved. By following the advice contained in the download you will be building your business continuity capabilities as well as improving your security.
Those responsible for security are informed that there are robust protective security measures available to mitigate against the threat of terrorism, e.g. protection from flying glass and vehicle access controls into crowded areas, goods and service yards and underground car parks.
At some organised events there will be an expectation from the general public that security measures will be in place. Equally, an organised event may take place at a location or in premises where access control and elevated security are an unexpected and unusual (and initially unwelcome) feature. This does not negate your responsibility to ensure appropriate security measures are in place.

 Counter Terrorism Security Advice for General Aviation

The guidance provided can be supplemented by specific advice from Counter Terrorism Security Advisers that can be reached though your local Police force or by following links provided on the CTSA CONTACT page.