Global Continuity extends Global Assist reach with new deal

Global Continuity has signed agreements with Fusion Insurance Services and Oliva Underwriting Management to deliver Global Assist, GC's Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution to the SME Sector and reduces potential costs for all parties. 
Paul Bennett of Oliva Underwriting Management said: "We are delighted to have signed an agreement with Global Continuity to embed the Business Assist service into our policies". He added "Oliva has always focused on bringing value to its client base and this Business Continuity service does just that. Business Assist not only covers major disasters, but it also provides telephone line switching for something as basic as a comms failure. We can all relate to the extreme inconvenience of losing our telephone lines, but for a business it can be the difference between winning or losing a sale."
Nick Wright, Fusion's managing director commented that "Most SME's cannot afford expensive disaster recovery and business continuity services and we are keen to minimise our underwriting exposure to this risk and see Fusion Business Assist as the ideal solution".
Richard Pursey, Global Continuity's CEO concluded: "Our research shows that it can typically take a company on average 8 days to get their business back on line after a disaster. With Business Assist, we reduce that to just one day. We are confident that our service can reduce an underwriter's claim ratios by as much as 70% each year".