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Financial institutions are subject to stringent regulations and rules of transparency. How do such institutions use Intelligent Notification to communicate effectively while scrupulously guarding the privacy of clients?

Here are just a few examples of notification in action for finance:

A savings and loan institution suffers a power outage and systems are down; IT personnel must be alerted and mobilized immediately

A construction crew cuts the fiber optic cable to a credit union; extra staff must be notified to come in and manually tend to customers

The CSO of a large bank receives information that effects company policy; key decision makers must be called together quickly

A bank’s website experiences a breach and data may have been compromised; IT must be notified to prevent further security breaches

A large bank needs to notify people in their call center; security is rock-solid so phone and email is restricted

An opportunity is presented in the stock market; potential investors must be alerted to take full advantage

How Intelligent Notificationworks in finance

Effective notification involves more than just sending a one-way alert. You must be able to quickly determine who needs to know what, and your message must be adapted as your contacts respond, all while maintaining strict security. Intelligent Notification technology handles this complex task, rapidly launching a message to groups of any size, whether in one location or spread all over the world. It uses MIR3 data management expertise and tools to pull information from various contact databases to make sure you’re always using the latest contact information.

Intelligent Notification is used by financial institutions for business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR), for emergency alerting, and by IT departments to keep systems up and running.

MIR3, Inc. is the leading developer of Intelligent Notification and response software, helping organizations enhance communication, protect assets and increase efficiency.

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Intelligent Notification | MIR3