SME's still lack Back up protection


Most small and medium-size businesses are still failing to protect their firms vital data. This is the finding of a survey undertaken by Vanson Bourne and commissioned by Acronis.

It is actually a rather terrible indictment of the level of planning and small business capability that the report cites data recovery as the most nerve wracking experience for IT professionals in small business. The survey found that nearly 1/3 of respondents said the process of recovery was like losing a passport or being late to a job interview.


The report also highlighted that one in 10 businesses were still operating with weekly backups as their only safety net. Failure to have a proper strategy to protect and recover lost data is a common problem, but one with potentially dire consequences as data loss has been cited in over 20% of companies who have failed according to Continuity Forum research.


Smaller companies need not despair though, the fix is simple. Simple backup procedures can be quickly established, key data can be stored off-site or even in the "cloud" and a serious threat to future stress and even failure can be avoided. There are a huge number of choices that can be made to address Data Backup issues and ensure much better protection and access to valuable data.


Business Continuity Forum