Enhancement Programme to the Civil Contingencies Act announced

While the CCA regime provided a robust and effective mechanism for responding to all of the disruptive challenges that have occurred since 2005 (e.g. floods, Bluetongue disease, foot and mouth, and the Buncefield fire), these events and the subsequent reviews (particularly the Pitt and Newton Reviews) provided much new evidence which indicated that there are various aspects of the CCA regime which would merit a more thorough review.

The Enhancement Programme announcement comes at the same time as a number of other continuity and resilience initiatives from the Cabinet Office such as the CCA Good Practice Guidelines and the Pitt Review Response from the Environment Agency

Continuity Forum Comment

The Continuity Forum welcomes the Enhancement Programme for the Civil Contingencies Act. Much has been learnt over the past few years and standards developments such as BS25999 and BS25777 did not exist at the time of enactment.

Organisation and resilience management focus has risen and numerous bodies are now far more aware of the need and duties for Business Continuity. By undertaking a thorough review the Cabinet Office will be able to considerably clarify and enhance capability and communication at all levels, as well as ensuring continued focus on Continuity and Resilience.

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