BC Basics a huge hit!


New Continuity Forum events get a great response

Over the summer we have successfully lauched a new series of workshop events designed to help develop effective in a practical and accessible way.

The BC Basics workshops are the result of a lot of discussion with organisations in both the public and private sector were we have listened to the problems they have in developing BCM process and designed special workshop sessions to overcome the them.

With participants from all walks of life, covering Local and Central Government, Health, Emergency Services, Management Consultancy, Finance & Insurance, Transportation and Media, the spread of issues and the knowledge shared was extremely good proactive and we'd even go sofar as to say fun!

A key aspect of these events are that they are based in the real world world of BCM planning, not a theoretical nirvana. The sessions deliver usable models that can be taken away and applied to organisations quickly and effectiviely.

The past two weeeks have seen the first and second in the current series of BC Basics Workshops - Identification of the Critical Activities and Getting the Buy In.

Run under the Chatham House Rule, delegates were able to actively participate, sharing their own experiences and learning from others. We'll be announcing the next set of dates for the Autumn series of BC Basics shortly, which will be run in the East Midlands. Please do book early as spaces are likely to fill up quickly!

Here's some of the feedback received ...

I really enjoyed the session (Identifying the Critical Activities), and felt that I learned quite a bit . Russell was an excellent facilitator.

Myself and a colleague have now decided to cover all four courses between us. Thanks very much!

This has been the most effective learning event I have been on for years, EXCELLENT!

These sessions has been really useful , I can't wait to get back and use what I have learnt.

The session was wonderfully helpful

I had never done process mapping before, but John made it feel very logical and straightforward. I will be taking the Continuity Forum format as the standard for [my organisation].

Really useful and straightforward session, which made me realise I don't know enough! The next three sessions should fill that gap for me and I'm very much looking forward to them.

I'm very impressed and now booking for the next three sessions

It was good to work with those from both outside and within my own industry. I realised that you can spend a fortune on software, but speaking to others and 'workshopping' the ideas in an interactive format is far more productive.

This session made me realise that the inter-connectivities between activities are a vital aspect of planning, a minor, seemingly non-critical activity can cause major impact if overlooked! The process mapping made this so clear.

The programme has been really useful. In particular this latest session (Getting the Buy In) has been really useful I'll be using the ideas I've gathered in a group meeting next week!

It's a really good idea to think about the types of people we have to deal with, rather than just coming up with a standard 'marketing' aproach to the ideals of Continuity. To find the message that appeals to them, that makes them want to get involved, rather than just using legislation or fear tactics to scare them into it, is a much better approach.

Seeing the different views of people from even within the same organisation makes me realise that different mesasges work for different people. It's something that planners must consider!

The day raised loads of issues for us, and we now have a much clearer idea of what BC is all about... we shall be moving onwards and upwards.


 If you would like to know more about how your organisation can get involved and benefit from working with the Continuity Forum, please email us HERE! or call on + 44 (0) 208 993 1599.