Business Continuity Management for Utilities | Abu Dhabi | 13-16 Sept


Business Continuity Management for Utilities | Abu Dhabi | 13-16 September 2015


The threat of a continued outage in a critical business processes can have major consequences for an energy or utility company. In an era of instant information, stakeholders demand to know whether an organisation is prepared to react appropriately and ensure continuity of operations.

Recent disasters and their associated impact in Middle East and North Africa have highlighted the importance of system availability, forcing senior management to have contingency planning on the forefront of their minds.

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The Business Continuity Management for Utilities Conference will be held from 13 – 16 September 2015 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to help organisations develop their Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Crisis Management (CM) learning road maps. The conference will equip business leaders with the tools needed to, not just survive, but thrive in this new world of risk.

Why Attend:

  • ➤ Learn how to execute a successful business continuity plan and recovery processes for your business
  • ➤ Discuss BCM trends and how to overcome the cultural challenges faced in the Middle East
  • ➤ Ensure appropriate levels of communication and information between the incident management and business continuity teams, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • ➤ Gain valuable knowledge and information through networking sessions, experience sharing and panel discussions
  • ➤ Interact and network with industry experts from leading utilities plus national and international oil companies
  • ➤ Explore BCM solutions that will enhance your organisation’s resilience

Key topics include:

  • Business Continuity Middle East - Abu Dhabi - September 13-16➤ Road map to your organisational business continuity management competencies
  • ➤ Implications of ISO
  • ➤ Cyber terrorism: The emerging threat
  • ➤ Incident response and the crisis / emergency management plan
  • ➤ Cultural change for behaviour and attitude shifts
  • ➤ Recovery time and recover point objectives
  • ➤ Supply chain and service provider resilience
  • ➤ Implications of political unrest on country infrastructure
  • ➤ ICT continuity management
  • ➤ Systemic failure

In association with United Arab Emirates Supreme Council for National Security and the Continuity Forum