BS 65000

British Standard for Organizational Resilience

BSI Organizational Resilience standard - BS 65000 to be revised & updated | find out more

BS Standard 65000 Guidance on Organizational Resilience publishedThe British Standards Institution (BSI) has published guidance standard for organizational resilience.

British Standard 65000:2014 | guidance on organizational resilience was first mooted nearly 10 years ago and published in 2014 having passed through a number of major development stages.

UPDATE 2020 - BS65000 will be starting a process of revision and update in 2020 to ensure that the guidance it contains helps organisations to continue meeting the challenges found in an increasingly complex world

Introducing BS Standard for Organizational Resilience BS 65000

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Introducing the Organizational Resilience Standard
The BS 65000 standard offers guidance on how organizational resilience can be enhanced through connecting the strategic goals of the business with wider thinking on the processes and resources that deliver value enhancing capabilities.  
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