Climate Ready Adaptation Wizard

Whether you are new to climate change, looking to find out more, or suspect that you will be affected by climate change and are looking for guidance on how to adapt, this Wizard can help you.
What can I use the Wizard for?
It will take you through a five-step process that will enable you to:
  • • teach yourself, your colleagues and wider professional network about climate change adaptation
  • • access complementary information, tools and resources to help you prepare for a changing climate
  • • conduct a high level assessment of your sensitivity to the current climate and to future climate change
  • • make a decision or develop a project, programme, policy or strategy that is resilient to climate change
  • • develop a climate change adaptation strategy in a way that internalises the learning process.
The benefit of this approach is that it will enhance the capacity of the individuals involved and of your organisation as a whole to respond to climate change.
What can the Wizard not do?
The Wizard will not produce a tailor-made climate adaptation strategy at the click of a button.
It provides a framework and resources that will help you to generate the information you will need to prepare your own adaptation strategy.
If you are making a decision involving a major investment, or one which has a very long time scale, you will probably need to undertake a thorough risk assessment. If you do not already use a risk assessment tool, you may find the ‘Decision Making Framework’ listed in the resources section of this document helpful.
Climate Ready Adaptation Wizard