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Continuity Forum launches Climate Adapation Programme

Changing the future

Today, the Continuity Forum is announcing the launch of our Climate Adaptation Programme (CAP).
Over the past year we have been laying the foundations and gauging the opinions of many of the leading thinkers across the Risk and Business Continuity Sectors. If you have attended our events over the past 6 months you'll likely have a had the chance to contribute your thoughts. The result of the feedback from the professions has been overwhelming in its support for the Climate Adaptation Programme and today we start the public work.


The Continuity Forum supported by the Environment Agency are coordinating these workshops which will be free to attend. We stress these are not commercial in nature and we are looking for positive engagement through this project that will contribute to and enhance the development of industry good practice in this vital area.

The Workshops will comprise a short series of presentations to provide an update and set the scene. These will be followed by work streams that enable focussed discussion on the key themes and end with short presentations from each of the work groups. We will be including a comprehensive Q&A in our debate format.

There will be plenty of time for discussion, networking and the sharing of ideas throughout the Workshops that run from 09:30 thru to 13:00.


We are also announcing a series of SIX Webcasts introducing the Climate Adaptation Programme. The first of these will held on Tuesday 12th March. Please visit our website for more information and to register.
Through the Webcasts will be providing more details on the reasons for the Climate Adaptation Programme and, over the series, be delivering more information and answers to your questions.
We welcome your suggestions and questions and actively encourage you to get involved. Contact us directly to find out how.


Complimenting the Workshops and Webcasts we are extending our Research and need you to contribute. It takes just 10 minutes and your response will help establish a national picture on the how organizations are integrating their Risk, BC and Adaptation planning and give you your say on the issues, opportunities and challenges.


To support the Climate Adaptation Programme we have created a dedicated portal area of the Continuity Forum Website . We'll be using this tailored portal to bring you news and updates on topics related to Climate Adaptation and be provide dedicated resources including access to Webcasts and other media. The portal will be bringing together expert advice and insight and we'll be adding our own resources to help you build the quality and effectiveness of your Risk and Business Continuity Management Planning

Visit Climate Adaptation Portal Pages…

We look forward to your feedback and support and please do call with any queries you may have.


Tel: 44 208 993 1599

Mail: CAP@continuityforum.org