New Event - Clarity in the Cloud - 25th November ***

Business Continuity Forum Cloud Computing Special event
Clarity in the Cloud Workshop/Seminar
London  -  25th November 


Our seminars have proven extremely popular with many different types of organisations, from Local and Central Government, though to the worlds largest organisations.
Our sessions support professional learning in an informed and cordial environment without Sales hype and address the the needs of those working in the wide and varied fields of Continuity, Risk, Security, Insurance, Crisis and Emergency Management, and indeed all related areas.
The Continuity Forum invites you to join us for the latest in our programme of Special Interest Topic Seminars.
Commenting on our latest Special Interest session, Clarity in the Cloud, Russell Price, Chairman & Founder says:
“Cloud Computing can represent a major opportunity for organisations to transform the way they do business with customers, partners and suppliers, gaining a competitive edge and saving money into the bargain..
Organisations are reporting very significant savings in time and money though application of this technology,but  getting this benefits does need serious thought and a careful eye on your Risk and BCM management
The Cloud reintroduces many risk and continuity dimensions under a what we term the 'organisational veil' and failure to address them adequately and appropriately will prove very costly ”.
In this session we explain the opportunities and the potential pitfalls for organisations, helping you fully explore the benefits of the  Cloud within a viable framework for your organisation, that enables economic value, resilience and system performance in one package.
Cloud Computing is one of the hottest topics in Business and IT at present. Is it hype, is it secure and resilient enough... or has its time finally come? 
These days, businesses of all sizes are looking to Cloud computing as a means to more efficiently deliver IT services to users. Cloud-based solutions offer a cost-effective way to maintain high availability and reliability for user applications, especially if they support mobile workers, telecommuters or field-based teams.
One of the key benefits of the Cloud model, and one that is often overlooked, is how Cloud computing can help to ensure business continuity and speed disaster recovery. In today's "new normal" economy, companies of all sizes have to look for affordable ways to deliver quality IT services reliably and continuously to customers and employees. Cloud computing presents a low-cost disaster recovery and business continuity solution for small and midsize businesses and a more cost-effective alternative to cost-conscious larger corporations.
However, this presents challenges for your management of security, Business Continuity, risk and governance and how Cloud Computing can impact on these aspects of your organisation.  The good news though is that, as we’ll show,  you don’t need a complete rethink - just a readjustment of your thinking and process!
The Continuity Forum brings you a clear and concise introduction to how the technology platforms and the business drivers behind the Cloud fit together and help you understand exactly how you can apply the Clouds potential to benefit your organisation.  
Bringing together expert technology speakers and from related fields, the Continuity Forum will demonstrate how you, your organisation, and your staff can best achieve your goals by realising Clarity in the Cloud.





"With Online Services, we were able to reduce our IT operational costs by roughly 30% and introduce a variable cost subscription model for these technologies that allows us to more rapidly scale or divest our investment as necessary."

Ingo Elfering, VPTechnology Strategy, GlaxoSmithKline

" a new server can be up and running in three minutes (it used to take us seven and a half weeks)  a 64-node Linux cluster can be online in five minutes (compared to 3 months). The deployment time is really what impressed us. It's just shy of instantaneous."

Dave Powers, Eli Lilly

Join us in London in November to find out just how your organisation can benefit from Secure and Resilient Cloud Computing by attending "Clarity in the Cloud".

The session will run from 09:30 till 16:00, with a break for a working lunch. 

Dress code is smart casual and the day operates under the Chatham House rule.  Spaces are very limited and the first call will go to members and Partners of the Continuity Forum. Please do contact us with any details you may need prior to booking or if you have any special needs.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for organisations. Please contact us for more details.

For more information and to book your place please contact us directly on or call us on +44 (0) 208 993 1599