More on the Business Continuity Forum

We provide world class BCM and Resilience focused events, workshops and support services enabling you to develop your organistions Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Security processes cost effectively and professionally. You do not need to be a member to work with the Business Continuity Forum, although some activities may not be available to everyone.
Whether you are looking to develop your organisations Business Continuity (BCM) or Risk Management practices, improve your resilience and security, adopt the latest standards such as BS25999 or meet the requirements of the Civil Contingencies Act (CCA) we are here to help.
The Continuity Forum is dedicated to the growth, development and promotion of Sector and all its related disciplines.   We provide world class support to members through an active programme of events, workshops, benchmarking, research and other support activities covering all its elements from Emergency Planning through to Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery.
BCM has emerged as an essential process for modern organisations facing the challenge of operations in an every riskier world. Through the Continuity Forum you'll be able to gain access to advice and support from the worlds leading independent authority on BCP and connected activities such as Crisis Management, Emergency Planning and Security.
Full Membership of the Continuity Forum will entitle you to access many of our events programmes  as well as delivering a host of other subsidised benefits.
We are particularly grateful to all our members, sponsors and partners; their kind support enables us to deliver impartial independent education and support to organisations of all sizes and help in the development of both knowledge and effective BCP policy across government and industry.