An interesting perspective from a mail recieved

Thought I would share a short note received today from Tim Armit of Clifton Risk Consulting, an experienced Business Continuity man, where he notes/compares the sporting activities over the next few days that bear a marked similarity to 'other' events that the capital will be coping with.  
I am writing an article entitled “Business Continuity the Industry that Cried Wolf”, as I worry that our primarily Consultancy lead industry has a history of trying to invent things to worry about.  But as an interim, and to try and demonstrate a point, I just wanted to make sure everyone in the UK has their plans in place for this weekend given the “catastrophic” impact of sporting events in London this weekend.
On one weekend in London, 1 million people will watch the marathon, over 200,000 north of England football fans will come to town for the FA cup semi finals, 3 further football matches will occur, then on Sunday Liverpool football fans come to town as well as all the Manchester ones for their game with Arsenal.  There will be at least 3 major rugby matches, at least one cricket match.  This does not include other sports and usual events.  How will we cope?  Have we written plans?  Can we use our Royal Wedding plans for weekend disruption?  Do we have our Euro96 plans to hand? Will the transport system collapse?  Should we create conferences and a mini industry and create panic and concern in the 24 hours we have left? 
I am, of course being deeply sarcastic, the UK will survive, as it always does and there will be no panic planning.  But I exaggerate to make a point, this weekend will be comparable with many Olympic days but no one is making a project of it. 
If we plan properly then reacting to each scenario becomes redundant and we can increase our credibility by showing are plans encompass all issues and not have to reinvent ourselves and knee jerk react to “the next big event”.  I will continue with my article.  Enjoy the sporting weekend
His mail has reminded me that the garden needs some work and prompted me to consider a BBQ, rather than a trip up to London. I am looking forward to the full article and as always your comments are welcome!