Welcome to the new site

As you can see we have been busy and this new site is the second major site upgrade we have been through. 

We have ported over a lot of our older content, but the site site is really more focused on some of the other developments we have planned and in some cases already developed.

A number of important decisions had to be made and the most significant was to rebuild the core Forum and Library files.  This will be an ongoing process over the coming months and what this means for you a consistent building of both historically useful information and new content appearing.  

We have also changed a number of the access permissions that means more material is available but we are more careful who can access it.   All of our research reports are now available, but you will need to contact us for access rights. registration remains free, as does a lot of the site, but we are looking at providing a lot more to members in the secure areas of the site.

With a development of this scale there are bound to be tpyos' sorry that should read typos that have been missed or glitches in the system and we would really appreciate it if you could tell if or when you notice them. You can mail us with these here