Business Continuity and Risk events coming up

From one extreme to another! 
Dates for your diaries: 1st Dec, 26th January and 14th & 21st February
I'm delighted to let you know about some upcoming events from the Forum and our partners.
Starting, out of chronological order, but in order of complexity:
On 14th February, the Forum is pleased to announce that BC Basics is back.  This extremely popular event allows this who are involved in their organisations Continuity planning (that would be EVERYBODY!) to come along to learn what BC is, why it's important, how it applies to them and how to get involved.  We are working with SNR Denton, a leading law firm, on these half day workshops, so an enormous thank you to Katherine and her team for so generously hosting the day.
Secondly, we have the third in our programme of partner events with the lovely DSM in Peterborough.  This will be on 21st February at their fascinating location: those of you who know me well are aware of my geekish tendencies, and will know that I just love their location.  It manages to be top drawer in terms of its technological and operational capabilities, yet, as an airplane hangar, is structurally fascinating.  I particularly enjoy the fact that the enormous hanger doors are still functional, and that you have planes taking off right outside.  Geek mode off.  The event will be an informal yet informative day on a range of subjects.  Check out our events page In the next couple of days for more info.
Thirdly, is our Special Risks seminar on 26th January.  Working with a team of partners, the Forum is delighted to bring you a specialist workshop on the subject of CBR.  In a workshop setting, and with highly respected professionals, we'll be showing you how to prepare, plan, mitigate for, and recover from the highest of risks.  Again, please check out the events pages for more information.  
Lastly, we really enjoy our debate sessions and we have another on the 1st December. We’ll be asking how people use software tools and whether they help or hinder Risk and Business Continuity Management. Do you end up compromising your planning to fit the systems processes? Does software change the planning focus? Can more be done to align the software with the organizations actual needs? We’ll let you know the views of the group in the New Year.
If you have questions or would like to know more about any of these these do get in touch.