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The BBC at bay?

One of the defining creeds in crisis management is that the C-suite should know what is being said about the company and what impact that could have on the corporation’s reputation and their licence to operate. We call it Horizon Scanning and we help companies to do a 360-degree review of what is going on around it.
Key to this approach is intelligence gathering followed by intelligence sharing, both up and down the organisation.
What is now evident is that this was not happening within the BBC, whose Director General resigned on Saturday night following failures in crisis management and internal communications.
A systemic failure is what it is being called and may yet have deeper problems for the future of the BBC.

Business Continuity Failure may have a long term silver lining

The Amazon EC2 "failure" has probably caused their customers to take a hard look at their business continuity plans and Amazon working hard to improve their own resilience so that they can recover the confidence of their customers and maintain a dominant market position.
Business Continuity Lessons from EC2 FailureFor some time the potential offered by the cloud has been the topic of discussion between BC and IT Security Professionals. Some are positive and see the potential for economies and resilience to be improved, others see the risks of creating a critical and possibly difficult to address dependency. Both are right and the example set by Amazons embarrassing failure is in many ways potentially fortuitous to the industry as a whole as it highlights the basic issue involved. Stuff will fail and you have to plan thoroughly for it!

VSAT ... the Vulnerability Self Assessment Tool a lot of work and some high hopes

Protecting our social and commercial centres is a vital task for the police and security services, but one that cannot be truly effective without wider participation from the community. This is where VSAT fits in. 

Planning pays off when a Volcano strikes!


The Icelandic Volcano eruption has shown just how  challenging the world can be and the travel industry must be starting to wonder if someone up there has in for them!
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