Special Event - Secure in the Knowledge - Resilience in the South East - 25/10

Resilience is defined as 'as the ability of the community, services, area or infrastructure to withstand the consequences of an incident'.

Business Continuity Seminar and Resilience Exhibition 25th October 2005 - Camberley Theatre - 09.30 - 14.00

How well prepared and resilient are we now to deal with any emergency that may impact on our business or service to the community of the South East of England?

The South East has the highest number of potential targets for disruptive action in England, including:  Five major airports and the most congested airspace in Europe, 11 maritime ports, four container ports and the most congested sea-lanes, around 700 miles of coastline,  a complex motorway network, a complex rail network,  a large number of nuclear establishments,  as well as a significant number of large-scale social and sporting events and locations Through the geographic proximity to London, almost every significant event in the capital will directly affect our region.

Leading experts in the field are clearly stating that the risks to business are higher than ever before. Government, the Metropolitan Police and MI5 have tragically been proven right when they say that it is not a question of "if" a Terrorist attack will happen, but rather "when". But Terrorism is not the only issue facing us today.

This event removes the hype and focuses on the facts covering the current matrix of risks to business and highlighting why Companies have to ACT to build their resilience and Business Continuity Management plans. New risks constantly evolve, and Businesses should now be considering an holistic approach to Continuity Planning.

Our speakers will provide guidance and advice on the subject covering the risks and the positive steps that can be taken to mitigate the effects. This seminar from The Government Office for the South East and the Continuity Forum will include the South East Launch of 'Secure in the Knowledge' by the National Counter Terrorism Office, along with expert speakers on related subjects, including:

- The role of the emergency services in an emergency

- including the impact of their essential activities on businesses in the cordon area

- The role of the local authority in an emergency

- The present threat

- what could happen in our area

- IT Security and alternative work places

This event will demonstrate to your organisation what we have done, and will continue to do, to prepare for the worst, whilst planning for the best. We will be offering straightforward, useable information to help you to do the same.

EVENT UPDATE Due to the recent concern over Avian Flu and the possibility of a Pandemic the Continuity Forum and the Government Office for the South East (GO-SE) have added an expert speaker on the subject to this event. Dr Bharat Pankhania, an expert on the subject from the Centre of Communicable Disease Control (CCDC) and a representative of the Health Protection Agency will be addressing our delegates.

Dr Pankhania will cover the subject in some depth and he'll be identifying the issues and risks of Avian Flu and outlining the plans the Health Service and government have in place to deal with this potential pandemic.

The presentation will also cover the likely impact on Businesses and Organisations and he'll be providing advice on the next steps we should be thinking about. In addition there will be an exhibition of resilience equipment and personnel to demonstrate how well our area is prepared.

This special event is hosted by The Government Office for the South East, in conjunction with the Continuity Forum.

Please contact us to reserve your place at this free event: Contacts: Sara McKenna on 0208 993 1599 or mail HERE! Or: Garry Illingworth on 01483 882310 or mail HERE! Please book your space ASAP!