Strengthen your business with cloud computing - IBM White Paper

On the horizon: cloud computing


The digital age, with its unbroken, ubiquitous stream of real-time updates about various natural and manmade disasters occurring on the planet, has created a heightened awareness among businesses, regulatory agencies and stakeholders about the need to safeguard their information against such events through better Business Continuity and Risk Management.


Most data loss is caused by less newsworthy occurrences, such as hardware problems, software corruption or human error, but to remain agile, your business needs to be prepared at all times, for all types of disruptions, across all types of devices. Many chief information officers erroneously believe they have an effective plan in place, but they often fail to consider the cost of business process disruption or the overall business impact of downtime, lost data and productivity, the downstream effects of which can be significant and long lasting.


Traditional approaches to disaster recovery and business continuity typically focus on merely restarting and restoring the infrastructure and data across multiple sites. Data stored on laptops, desktops and in email is rarely given top priority—in most cases handled with only sporadic backups—so you can face considerable gaps in backups and risk significant loss of critical information data stored on these devices.



To withstand—and thrive—amid various challenging conditions and types of threats means you need to do more than create a reliable, cost-efficient infrastructure that supports growth and helps manage extreme amounts of information across multi- ple remote sites. You also need to develop a holistic business continuity strategy that can keep your business up and running, protect your data and your brand (and retain your customers), and ultimately, help reduce your total operating costs over the long term. Creating such a solution on your own can seem a daunting and insurmountable goal.


This White Paper from IBM shares their thoughts on how Cloud Computing can add resilience to the enterprise.


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