Protecting your business from floods - New guidance

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Protecting your business from floods' - guidance available
02 January 2008 
Flooding can be a business disaster. As well as damage to premises or equipment, you may lose stock and supplies. You may also find that you cannot trade while the damage is repaired, contracts are lost, customers go elsewhere and suppliers may not be able to meet your needs.
Your employees' homes may be affected and they may be unable to get to work if transport is affected. In addition to heavy financial losses, a flood may expose your business to civil or even criminal liability. 
In the worst-case scenario, employees and customers can be hurt or killed. Floods are one of the most common natural disasters - businesses are more likely to be flooded than hit by fire. 
Due to climate change, the risk of flooding is rising. Currently, more than two million properties in England and Wales are at direct risk from river or sea-flooding. Elsewhere, heavy rain can cause groundwater to rise or dangerous surface water run-off. Even blocked sewers could cause your business to flood. 
Simple preparations and planning can help. This guide explains how to assess the risks, how to protect your business, and what to do after a flood.
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