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Business Continuity Basics Educational Workshop SERIES TWO 

Following various successful Events held by the Continuity Forum, a number of our members and associates have requested that we run a special Programme of BCM Development Events. Aimed at those looking to develop their BC planning skills, or those at the very start of the BC Planning phase within their organisation, these events are specifically to help ensure that your planning is as efficient and effective as possible. 

To ensure that best value is gained, the events will be run in a specific order, and we strongly recommend that participants attend the entire programme, in order. The Forum will therefore offer a series of half day Round Table Workshop Events, allowing each of the delegates to build their knowledge and skills in a logical format. 

Each of the events will be hosted and facilitated by the Continuity Forum, and will use real life examples to encourage a free and open exchange of views. 

The aim of the events is to establish a clear understanding of key elements of BCM in order to enable further development of skills and knowledge relevant to each particular group of delegates. 

Business Continuity and your Suppliers 

Your organisation, whether public, private or voluntary and regardless of size is dependent upon suppliers. Many will also have outsourced key activities and use intermediaries to deliver their products and services to their customers and clients. A failure by a key supplier, outsource organisation or intermediary may disrupt the supply to clients and customers who will hold you responsible for the disruption. 

Managing suppliers is therefore critical. The event will examine the role of procurement in including BCM requirement in contracts. Session Leaders: Winston Kobylka, Government Management College and the Continuity Forum

Outline Agenda for all Events in this Programme 

09.30 Introduction & Housekeeping 

09.40 Opening Address - The Continuity Forum 

10.00 Round Table 1 - Discussion Exercise based on Continuity, relevant to the Audience 11.00 Coffee & Networking 

11.30 Round Table 2 - A discussion of topical issues relevant to the Audience 

12.30 Round Up Closing Comments from The Continuity Forum 

To book your place on this event please email Sara McKenna HERE! or call us on 0208 993 1599 We will rerun these events as required, but plan to re-run during September in a location further North. Details will follow shortly. Please do contact us ASAP to book your place on these highly valuable sessions.

If you would like to know more about how your organisation can get involved and benefit from working with the Continuity Forum, please email us HERE! or call on + 44 (0) 208 993 1599.