EVENT - Promoting Business Continuity

Promotion and Engagement  for BCM Planning

Effective planning in the Continuity area is recognised as a given; effective promotion of the topic, to encourage buy in both up and down the management chain is a different subject. Finding the methodology that works, that makes personnel at all levels want to be involved is a difficult subject, and many companies cite this as the most problematic area of the entire process. In particular, gaining the essential buy-in of Director level management is a difficult process, but without this endorsement, the further promotion of the ideals to the rest of the company can be almost impossible.

This event is aimed at all organisations within all industries. Individuals from within the planning and management of Emergency Planning , Business Continuity, Facilities, Operations, Insurance and Compliance Management matters should be invited to attend.

This event will be free for members to attend, and charged at £50 per delegate for non-members. This session will provide a session of expert speakers on the promotion of Continuity, who will use their own experiences to demonstrate their success, and how they achieved it.

We will also be including an interactive panel session, allowing our audience to quiz our panel for their views, opinions and perceptions. The responsibility for effective, measurable BCM management within organisations of all types will be stressed throughout the day, with special focus on how your promotion activities will ensure that the planning undertaken is understood and accepted by the business as a whole, helping you to facilitate and ease the process of developing organisational BCM.


09:30 Registration

10:00 Welcome from the Continuity Forum - Sara McKenna

10:05 Introducing the Event Brief introduction and welcome by Russell Price of the Continuity Forum followed by Keynote address.

10.10 Getting accustomed to protecting the organisation Through this session we look at why BCM is now so important for organisations. By showing the evolution and devlopment of the discipline we provide much of the resoning and logic needed to illustrate the benefits and show the value of the BCM process internally.

10:40 Promoting BC throughout the Business Through this session we look at how you can deal with lack of concern about continuity management among staff. We illustrate a variety of novel methods, developed both help implement effective plans and gain the support of the organisations personnel. Through this session we'll be sharing experience, illustrating the methods used, from start up all the way through to the ongoing process of managing and developing the BCM process, to encourage and motivate personnel.

11:10 Coffee Break and networking

11:40 Panel Session - What worked for us and why An open and interactive panel session, encouraging questions from the floor on the various approaches, ideas that worked, as well as those that did not. We also encourage our delegates to share their experiences and ideas.

12:10 Achieving Board Level Buy In This is intended to be a broad illustration of the type of promotion needed and some examples of effects of failing to be inclusive giving an overview of a group wide approach to achieving Board Level Buy In.

12:40 Involving & Informing your Stakeholders Actively promoting your business continuity plan can have surprisingly far reaching effects. Many larger organisations will not work with a supplier unless they can prove their plans. Promoting your efforts in advance can ease the supply chain issues, and can reassure your customers

13:10 Summary and Final Questions This session provides a summary of the key messages of the day and provides a final Q&A session on the days topics.

This event is free of charge for Continuity Forum members to attend, and charged at £50 per delegate for non-members.

This event will be NON-commercial in nature, focussing on issues relevant to the topic, and will be run under Chatham House Rules. The Session will aim to help you gain insight and constructive, tested and successful ideas showing how you can effectively improve the support and development of your organisations Business Continuity Management process.

A fully interactive Q&A session, allowing our audience to quiz our panel for their views, opinions and perceptions. Our facilitators will remain throughout the session to answer any questions that you might have during both the Event and the Networking Sessions. In addition, our members and delegates will have a dedicated Promotion section on our Website providing additional support including a private discussion area to ensure further followup on topics of interest or on specific issues identified. All materials used will be available to delegates and members for download from the Continuity Forum Website

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