EVENT - Business Continuity & Insurance


Business Continuity & Insurance Special Event

Preference will be given in the first instance to Full Forum members and partners. Please note that this event is strictly hosted under CHATHAM HOUSE RULES.

Special Presentation Event

Insurance is a key issue for all businesses, but the connection between BC and Insurance is often misunderstood. Insurance is NOT a replacement for BC, any more than BC is an alternative to insurance.

This event aims to offer insights into the connections between Insurance and Continuity: How continuity can positively affect your insurance, and why your brokers need to be involved within the BC Process.

The Insurance market has become more and more aware of Continuity Planning in recent years. This event will outline why it is essential understand the connections, and what you should be doing to achieve the best continuity and risk profile for your businesses insurance purposes.

This event is aimed at all organisations within all industries. Individuals from within the planning and management of Risk Management, Insurance and Compliance Management, Emergency Planning , Business Continuity, Facilities, and Operations should attend.

Our goal for this event is to focus on providing information covering the aspects of Insurance specific to Continuity, but with an overview of other issues that impact on the topic. The Session will aim to develop thinking. The responsibility for effective, measurable BCM management within organisations of all types will be stressed throughout the Day.

Event Agenda

Running from 09:30 to 13:00, this half day session will encompass a number of themes relevant to the current market.

Working with Market Leading Insurance organisations, the event will demonstrate:

  • The Insurance Drivers
  • A Review of the changing landscape for Insurance
  • Why Continuity & Insurance need to work together
  • Closing the Gaps & Broadening the thinking

And will be followed by an interactive Q&A Session, followed by a light lunch and networking opportunity. This half day event will be free for Continuity Forum members to attend, and charged at £50 per delegate for non-members.

This event will be NON-commercial in nature, focussing on issues relevant to the topic, and will be run under Chatham House Rules. All materials used will be available to delegates and members for download from the Continuity Forum Website.

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