IBM launches Resilience Program Assessment service

Maintaining business continuity was once viewed in the context of maintaining disaster recovery plans. Today, however, you must address the entire range and level of your company's exposures, including IT disruptions, sudden competitive moves, customer and consumer demands, security threats, market fluctuations and failure to comply with numerous government and industry regulations.

To fully address these exposures, today's risk management, business continuity, crisis management, and security professionals need to focus on business resilience, believes IBM Business Continuity and Recovery Services. Business resilience is the ability to rapidly adapt and respond to risks, as well as opportunities, in order to maintain continuous business operations, be a more trusted partner, and enable growth.

Managing resilience means bringing together high availability, recovery, continuity, compliance and security management practices to help enhance return on investment and limit interruptions. To help you understand and measure your organisation's end-to-end business resilience program maturity against industry-leading practices, IBM has developed a new service - the Resilience Program Assessment.

The process guides you in determining best-practice management goals for business resilience and provides you with prioritised recommendations in the form of an action plan to move your business resilience program forward.

The Resilience Program Assessment enables companies to:

* Measure current continuity and recovery programs against business continuity and disaster recovery industry best practices;

* Establish a focused approach to building and strengthening resilience programs;

* Receive guidance on establishing a centralised governance model to help increase the efficiency of the management of the business resilience program;

* Identify, quantify, and monitor risks to business resilience on an ongoing basis.

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